LEGO Jurassic Park Teased

As you may be aware there is a new Jurassic Park film out next year and LEGO have already announced a tie in toy line so in hindsight, it is blinding obvious that there will be a LEGO game.

Although nothing has been officially announced the credit sequence for LEGO Batman 3 features a cameo by a roaring T-Rex, accompanied by a blast of the fantastic theme music from the franchise.

When TT Games tackled the Indiana Jones movies they packaged the first three together in one game, then the newer film got it’s own title. I would suggest it’s a pretty safe bet the same will happen with the Jurassic Park movies.

Anyway, LEGO Jurassic Park. Awesome. I think that needs one of these…

Source: NeoGAF



  1. Decided I was buying this unannounced game before I even finished reading the title.

    There just aren’t enough Jurassic Park games. Or dinosaur games for that matter.

    I’m hoping once the zombie craze wears off, we’ll get a long overdue dino craze. I’d settle for zombie dinosaurs at this point.

  2. Awesome. Jurassic park trilogy in logo would be perfect.
    Agree with Jr we need more dino games. I even loved the turok games and would love a next gen turok…

  3. is the video supposed to be silent or has my pc crapped out?

    • Mine is silent on tablet. I was panicking a bit.

  4. I just hope they only put the first Jurassic park though with new film seems highly unlikely. As JR. Said it seems highly likely a day one purchase as it would be fun or asume.

  5. Stop beating around the bush and make Lego Back to the Future already. I think I could die happy if they made that game.

    “When this baby hits 88mph, you’re gonna see some serious brick…”

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