Destiny Trial Versions Released, Imports Character To Full Game

Update: Looks like it’s rolled out in the EU too, both for PS4 and PS3.

(Thanks for the heads up, @moriarty1975)


Have you been holding out on trying Bungies new flagship video game, Destiny? Well then you’re in luck, because now you can try it out for the low, low price of absolutely free.

Despite being listed as a demo on the PSN, Sony is specifically advertising it as a “free trial” and it gives you access to the full game for a limited amount of time, similar to the PlayStation Plus trials. If you become attached to your Guardian during your short time with Destiny you can continue to use the character in the full game if you purchase the upgrade.

The trial, which is also available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One, downloads the full 20gb game on the current gen consoles but legacy consoles get away with just a 6gb download. The downside to this is that if you decide to upgrade there is no further downloads on PS4 and Xbox One, those with older consoles have to wait for the entire game to download again.

The demo doesn’t seem to have been released on other regional storefronts yet, so for now this seems like an exclusive for hopeful Guardians in the US of A. We’ll keep you updated if that changes.

Source: VG247



  1. It’s available as well on the Portuguese Store

    • oh and just noticed, it also has a time limit to play it.

      It mentions it at the bottom of the image.
      Starts at 18/11/14 and ends at 15/01/15.

  2. Even though i really didn’t like the beta I’ve just created a US account and am now downloading the demo.

    Worth a second try I guess.

  3. Looks like the ps3 demo is available for the uk store no sign of ps4 version yet.

  4. Ooh. What’s the time limit?

  5. I’d give this a go (following Beta), and would actually try and play it with others this time, since co-op seems to be the best way to play.

    O2 are also offering a free copy of Destiny if you upgrade or take out a contract with an Xperia Z3 – quite a nice way to push the phone’s remote play feature.

    • Good to know, my wife needs a new phone and my mate got the Z3 for his… now she hardly gets to use it because of remote play!

      • Yeah, it’s a bit of a shame that Sony’s mobile division isn’t making the grade, as they do make some pretty decent phones.

  6. Yay! Downloading now. Got the base app, 2GB left on the update, after that has anyone got any ideas about how much more there will be to download before I can play?

    • 17gb

      • Thanks. Should be done by January.

      • Mine too.
        I’m lucky to get 2gb per hour if it’s coming downhill, normally 1.5gb.

  7. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that i’ve been a bit hasty here.

    My ps+ account is EU but i’m downloading this from US store on a different profile. Does anyone know if i’ll be able to play this online without ps+?

    Maybe i should wait for the UK demo?

  8. i downloaded the demo for ps3, ive played with two characters so far up to level 4. and im not seeing ANY sort of time limit AT ALL! where is the time limit? if there is a time limit why is it not displayed?? its not in the information section of the game nor is it IN the game itself. i keep reading about a time limit but i have yet to actually see evidence of this time limit. CAN ANYBODY PROVE ME WRONG ON THIS??


  9. Just curious, when i do decide to purchase the full game, will any trophies i may have earned during my trial be unlocked? Because no trophy list has been set during my time with the trial so im just wondering when i get the full version and the list if some i may have earned may pop.

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