New Screenshots Showcase Project CARS On Xbox One

The delay to Project CARS was one tinged with disappointment for the still underserved current gen racing game fan, but with the game already looking quite promising when I last went hands on with it, I have high hopes that the extra time between now and March will pay dividends.

In the meantime, Slightly Mad have put together a selection of screenshots from the Xbox One version of the game. This is something which hasn’t really been seen out in the wild, but they’re still shooting for that gold standard of 1080p60 on that machine, where so many others have stumbled. Will they manage it? Will the game actually render at less than 1080p or feature a dynamic resolution? We’ll have to wait and find out, but these screens still look pretty darn good, if you ask me.

Source: press release



  1. Beautiful! I’m really hoping this is the cream of the racing games, I like the idea of a multi platform Gran Turismo rival.

    • Indeed! Although the delay was a bit disappointing, I knew immediately that it would be for the better. This is gonna be one of the games I’m gonna play throughout the entire next year.

  2. All previous racers have hit 1080p on the Xbox, so I don’t see why not. But to be honest, I wouldn’t mind 900p with good AA.

  3. It’s looking good on all platforms so if the handling is spot on it could be a big rival for Gran Turismo.
    Part of the reason for the delay was the composition out around the same time, I hope a March release isn’t too close to the release of Codies new F1 game.

  4. This’ll be a good one, hopefully with a solid online inauguration.
    I just have to mention though without trying to sound patronising to previous posts I don’t think it’ll be a rival to the behemoth Gran Turismo, more of an alternative ;)

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