Trials Fusion Patch Adds Teams With Online Multiplayer Coming In 2015

If there was one glaring omission from Trials Fusion, when it released back in April, it was the lack of online multiplayer. The brutally difficult side-scrolling platforming race – which is about as good a description as any – had local multiplayer, with a handful of dedicated tracks, but no way to go head to head with people that weren’t sat next to you on your couch.

RedLynx and Ubisoft are looking to rectify that, first with the addition of Teams in a patch that came out yesterday, allowing you to work together to climb team leaderboards with your friends. Teams can reach up to 50 players in size, and I’ll be setting one up for TSA as soon as I’ve finished writing about this and my paltry internet connection has managed to tackle the 1.83GB patch…

Sadly, head to head multiplayer will have to wait until early 2015 before it is added in another free update – though PC players can test this out in a beta already.  This will let up to 8 players race directly against one another on current gen consoles and PC, a step up from the 4 person local play, which the Xbox 360 will also be sticking to.

The three modes will include:

  • Online X-Supercross- up to eight players race on three random tracks, after which a winner is announced based on an accumulative best score.
  • Private Game- up to eight players select which tracks to race and customise race parameters such as gravity of the track, modifying bike speed, or inverting the bike’s controls.
  • Private Game with Spectator- Players looking to watch online multiplayer select the tracks and parameters for the race and invite eight other players to ride so they can kick-back and watch the race. These matches can also be broadcast using streaming platforms.

In truth, whichever mode you pick, it’s really just going to be the local multiplayer taken online to play against friends or matchmade against randoms. That’s basically all I really wanted.

Right. I’m off to set up TheSixthAxis’ Team!

Source: press release