Driveclub Weather Update Forecast For Tomorrow

Evolution has just posted a quick tease  on the Driveclub Facebook page which suggests that the weather update will be released in a patch tomorrow, almost two months after the game originally became available for purchase. The short video shows a race taking place in Norway with wintry conditions affecting the track, and it looks very nice. It’s an update that has been a long time coming, and should add some challenges of its own for players to contend with.


Now that this is coming we should hopefully hear news of the PlayStation Plus edition of Driveclub within the next couple of weeks. Maybe all is well so that a January release is on the cards, with the worst case scenario being February. There will be other additions to the update, though Evolution won’t reveal details until tomorrow.

Source: Facebook/Youtube



  1. That’s good. Something extra to entertain me while I do that last little grindy bit towards level 50 and the platinum trophy. Level 50 is all I’ve got left to do after the challenges were turned on.

    And just in case anyone’s having trouble with those challenge trophies. You need to send 5 trophies to at least 1 other person. They have to actually attempt the challenge. Which you have to beat (or have them not beat your original time). And the important bit… You have to be playing the game (or in menus) when the challenge expires. The trophies don’t pop up otherwise.

  2. I thought we might not see the weather update this side of xmas so that is great news!
    One thing i’m wondering though is if the weather is just a visual update or if it will affect traction on the road surface too. Regardless, i guess they can’t very well re-jig the main tour event to include it at this stage and will have to add new events.

    • They say it affects the driving…

      “We will make it rain and snow and sleet, sometimes heavy, sometimes light. It will be dynamic and upredictable, just like it is outside.

      And when you’re driving in wet conditions, the road will get wetter and your tyres will lose grip, so you’ll find drfting easier but sticking to the racing line will be much more challenging!

      Then when it stops and the sun comes out, the track will get warmer and dry out again, so you’ll find it easier to grip the road and get your speed up again”

      That’s from another post on their Facebook page.

      • I thought it might be but wasn’t certain, thanks MrYd. It’d be great if the weather is enabled in the main tour – i would start all over again.

  3. Just had my refund credited into my wallet.

    I’ll not miss Driveclub.

  4. My god, that looks good. The weather effects have looked exceptional in every video they’ve released. Hope they iron out everything else quickly so people can truly enjoy the title and also have the PS+ brigade on board to try out a track or two.

  5. I wish all cars had an easy readable gear indicator like the Mazzanti Evantra in the video, there’s a few but not many.
    Glad to see the weather update coming our way.

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