Square Enix’s French Site Seems To Believe Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Is Coming To PS4


Square Enix’s French store site had put up a pre-order page for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for PS4, but while this story was being written up the site took it down. Now the link returns a 404 error. Lucky for us then that screengrabs have been taken of the site, showing that the package was up for the price of €49.99.


It’s hard to put this down as fake considering it appeared on an official Square site, but this kind of announcement would also have been perfect at PlayStation Experience at the same time as the FFVII reveal. Square Enix is yet to comment on this slip, and we’ll have to see if they confirm or deny the existence of this remaster of a remaster.

Source: Square Enix via GAF



  1. Hmmm, if true… question is do I plump up for it yet again….

    • I’m thinking the same thing… FFX would be another “easy” platinum but I don’t know if I could put another 100hrs into it so soon after doing it on PS3!

  2. Who is Les Collections and why has he got his own menu on Squenix?

  3. I would much rather have FF12 HD on PS4 than another port of X. Make it happen! :P

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