More 20th Anniversary PS4s Will Go On Sale Online For UK Buyers Next Week

Sad that you’re not in London, and didn’t have a chance to head down to London to pick up a 20th anniversary edition PS4 for £19.94? Well, if you’re willing to spend a bit more than that – £399 – and you’re fast, you might be able to pick one up next week.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Sony’s UK boss Fergal Gara said that these consoles will go on sale online in the UK from Monday the 15th of December. What’s more, this will be eighty percent of the UK allocation. Given that they’ve sold 94, with 100 more over tomorrow and Friday in the PlayStation ’94 store (the allocation for them is gone already, though), we can expect around 800 consoles to be available.


“This is a three-day celebration here in London,” said Gara, “But it wouldn’t be fair to our fans across the country if there wasn’t access available to them as well. We’re very conscious of fairness. While it’s nice to be able to celebrate here with a retro store, it is the thin end of the volume.”

That’s still a miniscule number for all the people who want the limited edition system, so you better keep an eye out on Monday. Naturally, it doesn’t look like there’ll be any more available either:

“The volume is a close match with the original production run on PlayStation, so it’s got a nice heritage story. They’re very rare and they’re very special. If you put it into mass production you dilute that. So right now, that’s it. I’m not aware of any plans to change that.”

Source: Eurogamer



  1. £19.94 for a PlayStation 4… this will never stop amazing me.

    • Not good odds at actually picking one up at that price though. :)

      • Yeah, well no odds now as they’ll all be on ebay by now.

        I was going to get one shipped from the states, but failed… so hopefully, will bag one next week. Fingers crossed.

  2. anyone know where they will be going online then? I definitely want one, if I can get one.

  3. Shame it’s not £19.94 online too, if it was the site would be in meltdown very quickly.

  4. Want one. Want a second ps4.

  5. When I was in the queue the rumour was it was Game, but who knows, there were a lot of ppl talking all types of crap!

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