Podcast: Episode 164 – The Order, PES 15, Injustice And A Song

Lewis persists in being absent from the podcast thanks to work pressures. Who’d have thought that being responsible for shaping young minds would be such a time-consuming and stressful job? I assumed he just did lesson plans while stopped at the traffic lights on his way in each morning.

You’ve still got Kev, Kris and myself though. We round up all the news and announcements from the Game Awards and PlayStation Experience before talking a little bit about The Order: 1886 which has just gone through a round of previews. Then Kev tells us about his time with Injustice: Gods Among Us and I’m pleasantly surprised by PES 15.

We got some great listener questions this week again, and those often lead to the most interesting bits of chat so please do keep them coming via all the usual channels.

Finally, the main event for this week’s podcast is the now traditional TSA Christmas song. Thanks to Kev’s vocals and guitar solo skills, Lewis on backing vocals, Kris on screaming duty and Tuffcub’s production magic, my guitar track manages to sound acceptable. It’s weird, fun and mildly embarrassing – everything that makes TSA what it is at Christmas.

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This podcast features strong language, jokes in poor taste and adult themes, if you’re offended by that then we recommend that you don’t listen to it at all.

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  1. When an episode starts like that, I knew it would be good :D

    The Game Awards: missed that. From what I hear nothing really big happened in terms of stuff that interests me. A lot of Nintendo stuff. Well the Witcher news concerns me, but pushing the release date a bit further is a bit better :P

    PlayStation Experience: Uncharted 4 – WOW! Yakuza 5 – WOW! Batman – WOW! No Man’s Sky – WOW! (am I the only one a bit annoyed by the head guy way of talking?) OK, so great….well, no. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of PlayStation and come on, the nostalgia level is over 9000, so we should get at least one iconic figure coming back just for the sake of fans sticking with PS for so long. They shouldn’t estimate any risks or finances with that, they should simply do something just for the sake of old times. As a SONY conference it was good, but nowhere near what I expect from a PlayStation anniversary.

    I hope physical sales won’t go away, never. I love games in boxes in my room. The day that joy of having a boxed games is taken away from me, is probably the moment I quit playing video games or I start playing what I already have. I just don;t feel that I can OWN a digital copy of a game.

    I played Injustice for a while. Was cool at first, but I think this kind of fighting games are not for me. I think I prefer Tekken style fighting games or anime like titles, like Naruto (I stopped watching the anime when it turned from a ninja anime to basically ninja-digimon anime).

    BooooOOOO! No Lewis!

    I know it’s not GT, but I just wanted to say that I like racing games a lot. I bought it yesterday and at the second race start I got a “WOW!” effect that I will remember for a long time (I even send it to twitter). It looks absolutely fantastic and the driving is also great. It’s not 100% arcade or 100% sim, but it play really well, a touch of grass can be a tragedy, cars react properly to under-steer or over-steer. Great fun. Looks amazing. Sound unbelievable. Glad I got it and the online works now.

    Well done song. TSA stuff in the best possible way :P

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