The Zombie Vikings Will Be Getting Stabby On PlayStation 4

Zoink, the team behind the rather odd Stick It To The Man, have announced their next game for PlayStation 4, Zombie Vikings.

“We love games that can be played together,” said Zokink. “Friday night, pizza, a bunch of friends on a big comfy couch and a great game… being an old-school hack’n’slash, Zombie Vikings fits the bill perfectly.”

The plot finds Loki stealing Odin’s one good eye and as the other Vikings are busy partying Odin summons “four of the most fearsome zombie Vikings out of the Norse soil: Gunnborg, Seagurd, Hedgy and Caw-kaa!”

Each viking has his own special moves and story, and as a zombie having your head chopped does not mean the end, you fellow Vikings can use it as a weapon. You can also stab your Norse chums to create towers to access otherwise unreachable areas and stitch all your zombies into one giant mega-zombie, which you all have to control together.

No release date has been given and the game is currently scheduled just for PS4, perhaps if we ask nicely they will make a Vita version as well.

Sopurce: EU Blog



  1. Looks like fun, same lovely art style and warped humour as Stick It so i’m interested straight away.

  2. Ha ha, I love the artistic style of this game. It looks like good fun and unusually isn’t a “retro” styled game. Colour me interested.

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