The Road Not Taken Update Adds Ninja Bears And New Modes

PlayStation 4 puzzle adventure Road Not Taken has been given a free update which includes new modes, new enemies and a number of bug fixes.


The new modes include a “just for fun” Timed Mode in which you try to rescue all the kids within four minutes, along with a Hard mode – which is essentially the mode the game shipped with – and a new Normal mode which is “more generous with energy and has less crowded (and therefore less difficult) rooms.”

Both modes now have more forgiving checkpoints and will feature the new enemies, the Forest Kraken, the Golem, and the Ninja Bear. Each enemy has unique new behaviours and secrets to discover.

Source: EU Blog


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  1. I gave the plus version a few goes but never managed more than three rooms, might as well download it again and give the ‘ Normal’ mode a go, cheers for the heads-up.

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