Road Not Taken Begins Its PlayStation 4 Journey On August 6th

Spry Fox has announced the release date for puzzler title Road Not Taken as August 6th on PS4, while a Vita version is set to be available in late Autumn. The trailer above shows glimpses of gameplay while being advertised in a very 90’s way, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The game itself has been inspired by the poet Robert Frost and his poem, which is also called Road Not Taken. The poem explores the themes of taking paths in life, and what affect it can on a person.


Spry Games has taken that theme to hear in Road Not Taken, and it will explore the same thing by pushing players onto various paths, which will have differences on each playthrough. The studio has also stated that players will die a lot because of the different challenges that could catch them off guard, including wild animals and barriers that appear impassable.

Source: PS Blog