Quantic Dream Will Reveal Something Next Month

I am now convinced David Cage and/or Quantic Dream are spying on the TSA staff room as just yesterday I was tasked to investigate the company as they have been suspiciously quiet.


Job adverts on the Quantic Dream site reveal they are working on a PS4 game and the last leak we had was the trophy list for the currently unannounced Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 4. David Cage must be extremely busy as his personal website has lapsed and he has not tweeted for two years. LinkedIn did not reveal anything nor did any other searches, whatever Quantic Dream are working on is locked down tight.

However, someone must have noticed that TSA were probing, how else can you explain the sudden post yesterday evening on the Quantic Dream Facebook page, “Some great news coming in January!”

We are now sweeping the TSA office for bugs and spy cameras and, yes, I know this post is an announcement of an announcement, but it’s an announcement of an announcement due to our investigative probing*.

Source: Facebook 

*Or maybe not. 



  1. Yawn, another obvious remastered re-release.

  2. They will be announcing Beyond: Two Souls for PlayStation 4 then….

  3. Probing!
    Fnar Fnar!

  4. Tuffcub…it’s the aliens man, the aliens !!!!!!!

  5. Either Beyond or Heavy Rain for PS4.

    Wouldn’t mind Heavy Rain on PS4-would buy that all over again. Can’t say the same for Beyond despite it being a really good game-it does not compare to Heavy Rain.

  6. The Dark Sorceror for PS4 and Okimron 2 for PS3 listed on Metacritic… but yeah it’s probably Beyond Two Souls Remastered..


  7. An announcement about an announcement, love ’em.

  8. You’ll never find the spy/bug because it’s Aidan who’s lurking in the…well, the room and the building.

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