European PlayStation 4 Sales Are “Inventory Challenged”

I do love a good bit of utterly pointless marketing speak, and Sony have come up trumps by described the stock of PlayStation 4s in Europe as “inventory challenged.”

“If I look at Europe I think it is potentially, for the second year running, going to be quite inventory challenged,” said Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House. “I’m not going to say you won’t be able to find a PlayStation 4,” he added, “I think it’s going to be kind of hand to mouth in terms of that market.”

House said that Sony were doing their best to boost production to keep up with demand and also mentioned that sales in the United States had been at expected levels despite “challenging” conditions created by Microsoft slashing the price of Xbox One.

Source: Reuters



  1. Always trying to find a new way to suggest their product is too popular. I hate marketers.

    • Aww… I bet you secretly love it when they tell you that they’re stock denied or showing too much shelf.

      • Stock blocked?

      • That sounds like a nasty Oxo incident. :-)

      • Oh no, what’s wrong with me?
        “Showing too much shelf”
        That sentence….
        Never mind

      • You beautiful Christmas whore, you. :-)

      • Blush :)

  2. Quite possibly true..there are some cracking deals out there for the ps4 and a realistic prices.lets not forget that early ps4 adopters struggled to get their hands on a ps4 even at full price.
    I’m just waiting now for the xbone to slip down a little bit more and then I’m balls deep.

    • I’m happy with the PS4 (we’re getting for Christmas) that came with GTA V and LittleBigPlanet 3 for £349. All of the other deals involved games I didn’t really want and would then have to sell on eBay just to make the deal worthwhile again. Sod that. :-)

    • Disclaimer: Going balls deep in an Xbox One may be hazardous to your health.

      • That just made me my day! It also makes it sound a bit like a danger wank lol

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