AC: Unity’s Dead Kings DLC Out Next Week

Ubisoft has announced that the free DLC for Assassin’s Creed: Unity, Dead Kings, will be releasing next week. This extra content places Arno in Saint Denise, more specifically in the underground necropolis that is situated directly below it. The Dead Kings will be available when the relevant stores update, so next Wednesday in the UK and Europe. Dead King’s would originally have been paid DLC but after the launch problems it was made free as compensation.


Hopefully this has been tested thoroughly and won’t have performance issues like Unity did, but we really won’t know that until it is in people’s hands.

Source: Ubisoft 



  1. I only just started Unity and am loving it. It’s the first game on PS4 that I’ve played that looks properly next generationy they really balls up with releasing an unfinished game and now most people just speak about it as a terrible mis-step for the franchise but I reckon its a belter.

    • I’m in the same boat… feels like they’ve got the best balance of previous Assassins games, all of the components that I like and a good few new additions.
      At the moment the map looks huge and the activities vast, so time will tell whether it holds my attention or gets boring.

      • Do what I always do in these games. Run around the entire map and synchronise all the viewpoints. Then the map doesn’t look quite so huge, but is completely covered in hundreds of icons.

        I’ve got the trophy for doing all the viewpoints, and I’m not even half way through the story. But now, everywhere I go in the game, there are loads of distractions on the way. And cleaning everything up after the story won’t be quite as long as it would otherwise be.

        Did a similar thing with Watch Dogs (which I finally got around to getting for christmas). Except the towers there are more challenging puzzles than “climb a tall building and crouch in some bird crap”.

        But yes, ACU is the AC game we haven’t had for a couple of years. A proper AC game that just tweaks things and adds stuff that’s not too different. Not like 3 and 4 that were far too spread out and added stuff we didn’t really need which wasn’t that successful. (Some people might like those tedious naval battles though, which is fair enough)

      • I’m waiting for my copy to turn up in the post, but like MrYd, I also run around most of the map first unlocking what viewpoints I can before concentrating on the main story.

        There was a viewpoint once I never managed to unlock on one of the ACII games. It was on the top of a steeple type thing on a massive building (possibly a church) which I could never find a way to climb up to the roof.

  2. I got it when it came out and honestly it was all a fuss over nothing imo. I experienced more glitch/pop-in/framerate issues with Far Cry 4.

  3. I can’t wait to play this add-on. We got AC at Christmass and it is great, my girlfriend seems to have more glitches than I do, but even these are not massive.

    Glad I got it in the end.

    • You have a glitchy girlfriend??

      • Yeah but I am hoping to get her patched soon!

      • Ahh, don’t we all?

        Mine is particularly glitchy of late. The graphics have gotten worse over time in spite of the increasing frequency in patches, the sound keeps increasing in volume drastically for no apparent reason then cuts out altogether, regularly refuses to play or just doesn’t accept or acknowledge my joystick, and no matter how many add-ons I buy it it still doesn’t run smoothly… I’ve been considering trading this particular game in for a while now but no matter how hard I try, the guy at Game just doesn’t seem interested!


      • Have you considered uploading a virus? That might get rid of her. ;)

  4. So glad to see AC fans playing this game. I always said it was great and you’d be silly to miss out over some Interweb nonsense! The side missions in particular, are among the best in any open world game, imo.

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