Community Chronicle: 11/01/15

It’s back to business as usual here at TSA, as 2015 is well under way. What that means for the Chronicle is that we take a look back at some of the news from the last week (or a little bit longer in this case) and sift through some of the user comments on the hottest of topics. We then turn our gaze to some of the community’s achievements and accomplishments in games over the past week before finally bringing you the latest of our TSA trophy leaderboards.

Though we’re kicking off the new year, this week actually tracks the end of the 2014 leaderboard, which looked not at the overall total of the trophies earnt, but rather at the percentage gain, putting an interesting spin on the search for the greatest trophy hunter of the year.


Sony kicked off the year with some quite astonishingly good news, as they announced that they had sold 18.5 million PlayStation 4s, with a staggering 4.1 million consoles sold during the holiday shopping season.

Looking to the future, JR. wrote, “Those figures are great and so many good games coming out next year which should push sales further. Hopefully this will now mean we start to let go of last gen and make games soley for the PS4/XB1. Not this half-gen business we’ve been getting.” To which Bunimomike replied, “I think this year will see the phase-out of cross-generational titles. We’re already seeing the benefits of developing for the newer hardware when devs decide to cut the umbilical to the older box of tricks.”

The PlayStation business really is a shining light for Sony and Camdaz looked at the company as a whole, when he wrote, “Back to the gold old days of the PS2 for Sony, just a shame the rest of the company isn’t fairing too well.”

There was also a healthy dose of cynicism evident, though, with leeroye saying, “With all that money they are earning from plus subs you would hope they would now finally look at improving the PSN as promised at the PS4 reveal.”

Leeroye’s comment brings us neatly to our second topic of discussion, as Sony looked to compensate users for the Christmas turbulence that PSN encountered, giving us all the five days back that we had partially lost, as well as a 10% discount code for a PS Store purchase of our choice.

However, opinions were split on who good this was. For example, Dave87fez said:

Replacing what was lost is not really acceptable compensation; it’s just giving back what people should have had all along. For many people, these five days are not going to be days at home with free time and friends/family around, as Christmastime would have been.

10% off things in the Store also seems a little cheeky to me. You actually have to part with money to benefit from this, so Sony still end up “winning”.

However Geffdof23 disagreed, saying that “Replacing what was lost is exactly reasonable compensation. I’d love Sony to offer us all a free game or something, but this offer is totally fair. The 10% off purchases is beyond what they need to do. Its a good business choice too as it will generate money for them.”

Similarly, NotSmartEnough wrote to the extenuating circumstances as he said, “Seems fair to me. Everyone needs to remember that this outage wasn’t Sony or Microsoft’s fault, it was vandalism by kids who I hope will be getting a criminal record as result.”

Personally, I feel that this is just enough to account for the potential inconvenience that people would have faced. PSN is notoriously flaky at the best of times, so with the added pressure of a DDoS attack, it was bound to go down – though let’s not forget that Xbox Live also suffered. What we don’t know is if the network would have been able to handle that peak traffic from the 18.5 million consoles, which could be why PSN took longer to recover.

Either way, replacing what was lost alongside dangling a small token of goodwill seems to be fair to me.

Finally, things take a turn to the bizarre, with Nyko announcing a new product at CES that allows for much larger hard drives to be added to the PS4. We’re not just talking about capacity, but actually using 3.5″ HDDs and housing them in a big extension to the console that probably needs planning permission from your council.

KennyKazey said, “You just know it’ll look ugly in reality. I know there are benefits to a desktop drive, but I think I’d rather get a 2TB drive that fits in the PS4 as is and delete some stuff if it’s not enough until bigger drives are out.” Similarly, Lyts1985 wrote, “Nice idea, but the pros of a 3.5″ drive come nowhere near to outweighing the cons of having that monstrosity attached to my console.”

It continued not to get a very favourable reaction, as Apnomis shared their ruminations:

I initially thought this was genius, as 3rd part peripherals go, but the more I look at it, the more I think it’s fugly. With the advent of low cost 2GB 2.5″ HDD’s this seems like a solution that is a generation too late – now a big 3.5″ HDD on my PS3 5 years ago would have been something I would have been very interested in.

Plus having the wrong angle at the back is really off putting. Why wouldn’t you follow the line of the console?

In any case I won’t be upgrading my HDD until Sony launch the PS4 Backup Utility that was due to launch with firmware 2.0 but was pulled from the update at last minute.

Finally, beeje13 dug deep into the past as he recalled, “Is this the same Nyko that made cooling fan accessories for the 360 and ps3, which turned out to be making the consoles hotter? I think I’ll stick with my 500GB standard, and upgrade normally to a 2TB (or 3TB as Erroneus points out above), when and if I need to.”


There’s naturally been a ton of games played over the holiday, and I think I’ll start with an achievement that I personally had a hand in. Having earnt the Destiny platinum with a flawless raid myself, it naturally followed that some of the other Guardians in the raiding party would also manage to work their way to the platinum. Congratulations are in order for Geofduke, Miffi-Lou and Ashw92. (Miffi beat Ash, by the way)

Just as I set a record there, R1MJAW did so for Lego Batman 3 before Christmas, though he’s since lost himself in The Binding of Isaac with over 100 hours played. Youles nabbed the Minecraft PS Vita release record, while Avenger went for Final Horizon on the little handheld too. Of course, Crazy_Del had to get involved in setting records, finishing 2014 with Assassin’s Creed: Rogue and opening up 2015 with Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and a jump to trophy level 48!

Kennykazey wasn’t playing for trophies, but a much older sense of completion, as he grabbed all of the stars in Super Mario 3D World, just needing to find some of the stamps and golden flags for 100% completion. He also played through to the end of The Wolf Among Us, as tactical20 did so with Valiant Hearts and double-o-dave did when finishing inFamous First Light.

There were some other platinums being earned though, with element666 strutting his stuff in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor for the platinum and blast71 cleaned the streets in Sleeping Dogs. Hornet1990 has been working through his backlog, grabbing the platinum trophies for both inFamous 2 and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Rounding things off, Steelhead wrapped his gaming around Christmas, taking the time on Christmas Eve to beat the final boss of Tales of Xillia, before unwrapping his new PS Vita on Christmas Day and having a grand old time playing Rayman Legends on the little device.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, but this time, as I explained at the head of the article, you can head over to page 2 to see the winner of our 2014 leaderboard. This table tracked and charted the greatest overall percentage change, as opposed to the absolutes of trophies gained, leading to quite an interesting little tussle for the win. So turn the page to see who it was that won!

Aside from that, I leave you on this page with the usual submission form.

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  1. I think I was away for the compensation news, so is that everyone getting 5 days ps+ and a free 10% off code?
    Seems pretty generous although with current PSN prices it’s not actually a saving probably!

    • 5 days of Plus is only for those who were members at the time I think, but the 10% discount is for everyone. It’s not a bad discount for things like DLC and season passes but you’re still better off buying full games at retail in most cases… My guess is we’ll get out discount codes when the January sale is over though

      • Guess I’ll just receive the discount then, might be useful for when the GTA DLC arrives!

  2. Another wonderful roundup. It always amazes me that you guys take the time to put these things together.

    The PS4 is such a perfect combination of price and hardware, as shown by the sales. It could be a while before Sony see the need for a revision.

  3. Well done Avengerrr for winning 2014 trophy competition. I still can’t believe I come second wow, I’m not used to being close the top. Lyts1985 didn’t you update your trophies on PSN web app? It just seems to strange for me to even be second. Anyway this coming 12 months I’m going to be playing my xbone loads more so I won’t be near top.

    • Congrats Avengerrr! Yep I updated it, but when Avengerrr came along it was obvious he was gunna bag it so I wasn’t really trying too hard the last couple of months lol. Would’ve been nice to come second, especially after spending most of the year at the top, but obviously I underestimated you :-)

      Wonder if there’ll be a 2015 leaderboard… Would be interesting to see if we can all keep up the pace! I know my gain will be lower what with the much higher starting point and having cleared a lot of my backlog last year, but it’ll be fun nonetheless :-)

      • There will be a 2015 leaderboard.

      • When I updated for the first time for ages I think in early December it was very apparent Avengerrr had smashed it. I didn’t leave for that long I just couldn’t get site to work. I really thought you’d beat me.

        It would be great to do a 2015 leaderboard. TSA would be crazy not to keep it going as long as AiR is still willing to carry on with the good work. Thanks AiR.

        I can’t keep up with that peace anymore, I’m really trying to dig into Xbox at the moment. Although it did wonders for PSN status and back catalogue. Hope you as much fun gaming this year as me :D

      • Thanks AiR you got to it when I was replying to Lyts.

    • Thank you guys for the comments, and it looked incredibly close there between you two for second place. I never updated during the summer which is why there was a small skyrocket of points. I think because I only started syncing and racking up trophies in late 2013 that I was able to get the highest percentage for 2014.

      I’d say a third of the trophies and platinums I’ve racked up in 2014 were down to the great help of various TSA members such as Crazy Del (Star Trek), Harm Rehal (Far Cry 3), Forrest (Battlefield 3), and Youles/Gazzagb/R1MJAW (Red Dead Redemption). I really did enjoy playing with you guys, and hope to in the future as well!

      • Thank you for being a partner for Star Trek and of course we can play Co op again or MP in the near future. Hopefully another bug ridden Star Trek 2 :P
        Also big thanks to AiR for his work on trophy leaderboards and here is to 2015
        And finally I cannot sync/update my trophies and to change trophy card. I keep getting errors and maintenance for months!!! Is there another better website or something?
        Man this post could be too late…. stupid The Crew and work! lol

  4. anybody else getting these lemode ads hijacking TSA and sending my browser to another page for some health or beauty products?

    because i am, i click on my TSA bookmark, then TSA opens, then just about before i can do anything, most of the time i get redirected to another site.

    i’d post what’s in the address bar, but i’m not sure if it would be safe.
    it’s ludicrously long.

    i don’t know if there’s some malware on my system, i’m running a full system scan in norton just in case, but it’s only happening on TSA as far as i can see.
    maybe there is a problem with your advertising.

    • I’m having no issues on my android phone.

      • yeah, i tried it on my phone as well, and it was fine, it only seemed to happen on Chrome on pc.

        and it seems to be ok now, though after saying that it’ll probably happen again. ^_^

        maybe that partial scan i did earlier made a difference, though it only reported finding tracking cookies, i’ll let it finish this time.

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