Speedrunners Raise Over $1.5m For Charity At This Year’s AGDQ

Speedrunners who took part in this year’s Awesome Games Done Quick have collectively raised over one and half million dollars for the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The event, which took place from Monday to Sunday, saw dozens of runners descend upon Herndon, Virginia to show off their skills across a variety of games, both new and old.

The whole event was broadcast via Twitch where viewers can also go to watch this year’s highlights. They include a new world record set for inFamous: Festival of Blood as well as a particularly daring speedrun in which user Runnerguy2489 attempts the Child Dungeons in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time… blindfolded.

Right now, the current sum being donated to the Prevent Cancer Foundation stands at an incredible $1534719.46, easily surpassing the organisers’ original goal. During the event, Humble Bundle ran an AGDQ promotion which saw all proceeds go to charity.

Source: AGDQ Official Website


  1. I watched some of these, the Super Mario Bros 2 on NES speedrun was amazing. Great that so much money has been raised!

  2. Excellent stuff. An amazing achievement. Well done to everyone involved.

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