Coming This Thursday, More PSN Maintenance From 5PM To 9PM

In unsurprising news for everybody Sony has announced that there will be some maintenance on PSN this Thursday, running from 5PM GMT until 9PM GMT. As usual during this time you won’t be able to sign in to PSN, use the store, access account management, create a new account, use entertainment services or play online, unless you’re already logged in before the maintenance begins. Maybe they’ll finish early or maybe they’ll run over the time, you can never be sure.


So, what are you going to be doing Thursday evening instead then? Me? Well I’m going back to taekwondo training after over a year out with a knee injury. This is what PSN downtime has led me to. I’ll actually be enjoying an evening of potentially getting punched in the face.  Maybe you might watch a show or something instead. I just finished the From Dusk Till Dawn series on Netflix and I reckon some of you will enjoy. Not you youngsters though, some of the scenes may give you nightmares. Of course you won’t be able to watch it on your PlayStation consoles due to the network being down.

Feel free to suggest other things for people to do on Thursday evening.

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  1. TKD? Don’t you mean kicked in the face?

    • There’s that option too. Punches and kicks galore.

  2. I haven’t got a problem with it being down a few hours. By the time I finish work, nip in a pub for a couple, it’ll be 9pm by the time I get home anyway.

    Doesn’t Netflix still work if the PSN is down?

  3. If the PSN goes down, it doesn’t stop you using Netflix. You may find Netflix gets upset and demands you log in to the PSN, but if you say “No, I don’t think so. Because reasons”, you should find it works.

    And yes, the From Dusk Till Dawn series is a good use of some quality Netflix time. I was quite surprised at how well it worked, dragging out a 90 minute film (well, it’s 2 films stuck together to make 1 film, really) into a whole series.

    • I wasn’t too keen on it at first, but then changed my mind after about the 4th episode, especially once they reached the good ole Titty Twister. It turned out better than I expected. Shouldn’t the 2nd series be released soon? I’m sure I read they were working on it ages ago.

      • A 2nd series was announced last year. Which was unsurprising, given that in the US it’s on Robert Rodriguez’s own channel. No ratings to worry about (which can kill shows on bigger channels in the US) and all that Netflix money probably helped too.

        In fact, the second series was announced pretty much as soon as they’d showed the first episode or 2 of the first series. Which was March 2014. So maybe a second series around the same time? So in a couple of months.

  4. TV services work without PSN, and of you are signed in before maint, everything Is fine.

    Non news

  5. PSN is down now :/
    Ah well movie it is…..

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