Pre-Order Your Way To The Tier Three Characters In Evolve On Xbox One

2K have announced a new way to, well let’s not beat around the bush, buy your way to the tier three characters in Evolve.

Xbox One owners who pre-purchase a digital version of Evolve will immediately unlock the Wraith monster in both the forthcoming beta and the full game. They will also immediately unlock the third tier for four hunters, namely Parnell, Abe, Caira and Cabot. This means pre-purchasers will skip an estimated 10-15 hours worth of grinding to get past the first and second tiers.

Pre-orders will also net you the Monster Expansion Pack, which adds a fourth playable monster sometime after launch. The Evolve Hunting Season Pass has also been announced which includes four new hunters and three exclusive Magma monster skins which can be accessed immediately to customize Goliath, Kraken, or Wraith.

I’m a bit flummoxed by this new pre-order bonus to be honest, why would you want to cheat your way past the progression system? The only possibly explanation I can think of is if you were in the beta and managed to get to level three, you wouldn’t want to do it again when the final game was released. I would have happily skipped straight to level five in Destiny having played both the the alpha and the beta, but as your skip to level three in the beta for Evolve as well as the main the game, you’re never getting the satisfaction of unlock the new tiers.

Essentially, you are paying to not see part of the game, which seems very odd to me. I wonder how long it will be before you can buy a game and the pre-order bonus will be a saved game for the final boss battle…


A new monster has just been given its own trailer now. Introducing the Behemoth.

Source: Polygon / Microsoft



  1. It’s an odd way of doing things for sure. It’s more of a free-to-play style incentive isn’t it? I have no interest in buying my way past part of the game.

  2. Any interest I had in this game is now gone. Competitive online games should never have bonuses that infer an advantage.

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