The Order 1886 Trailer Tells The Creepy Story Of Little Bobby Paige

Ready At Dawn has released a new trailer for The Order 1886, but instead of the usual gunfighting and large moustaches this one focuses on a nine year old boy called Bobby Paige, and how he stayed out a bit too late one night. The artstyle appears to be a massive homage to Limbo and it could be said about as creepy too. The nursery rhyme being sung over the footage doesn’t really help to alleviate that, as the sole singer tells the tale of what happened to Bobby and his unfortunate parents.


Little Bobby may even turn up in the main game as a foe you have to contend with, as the events in the above footage may have occurred a few years before the events of the game. We’ll find out if that is the case when The Order 1886 releases in February on PS4.

Source: Youtube



  1. Jesus christ I never expected that! Love that trailer!

    • Hahaha! That was brilliant, fella. Dear god, how deliciously twisted. :-)

  2. I’m not one for Indie titles, but maybe they should release Little Bobby Paige as one.
    Wonder whether he eats kittens… I’d like to think so.

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