Nintendo Announces A New Fire Emblem Title For 3DS

Nintendo has started today’s Direct with a trailer for a new Fire Emblem game for the 3DS. There isn’t a full title available just yet but it will be from the same team as Fire Emblem: Awakening. Shin Kibayashi will be writing the story for the game, as well as directing how player choices will affect the way the plot unfolds. There is no release date either due to it the game still being in development, so I expect that information to come in a future Direct.


The trailer does show the gameplay which is similar to Awakening, but I really liked the intro sequence and could you imagine a full blown game with those graphics on a home console? I’d be down for that.

Source: Nintendo


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  1. I love how the background when fighting is geographically correct when compared to the map. I don’t recall Awakening doing this.

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