Resident Evil HD Pre-Order Not Possible On European PSN, Limited Cross Buy Promotion Offered

Capcom has confirmed that you can’t pre-order the Resident Evil HD remake on PSN in Europe. Due to this barrier when the game is available for sale it will be cross-buy, so you get both the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game. But this promotion will only be available for two weeks, so if you buy Resident Evil HD on either platform in the future you will have to buy the other separately. A reason wasn’t given as to why Resident Evil HD couldn’t be pre-ordered through the store.

Hello Resi fans,

A number of you have been tweeting the company account asking about info on Resident Evil being available on the European PSN store; well I am pleased to announce we have some news.

Unfortunately a pre-order for Resident Evil was not possible on Sony platforms. We are therefore offering cross-buy to anyone purchasing the game via the Sony Store in the first two weeks on sale.

Thank you for your patience and understanding on this matter and I hope you enjoy Resident Evil on launch day.

If you’re located in North America you can pre-order and pre-load Resident Evil HD for PS3 and PS4. The cross-buy offer there is only for pre-order customers, and will not get the two weeks post launch deal by the looks of things.

Source: Capcom


  1. Can’t really fault Capcom here but I don’t understand why they don’t unify the PSN so that everything is equal subject to local laws.

  2. Wonder how much this is going to be? Appears that it’ll be $20 in the US. If that translates to £20, then that’s pushing it a little. Hopefully around £15 or less.

    • Its £15.99 on the xboxone store. Though conversion rates should have it at £13 but of course its not.

      • If it’s the same then that’s a very tempting purchase….

      • £15.99 on Steam too so I think it’ll be the same on PSN and actually £15.99 for two copies of the game isn’t bad at all.

        I know we should be getting a lower price than that in line with other countries’ prices but we never do and Capcom always tend to stay in line with their other ports such as RE4 and CVX which were both £15.99 too.

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