(Updated) PSP Firmware 6.61 Released In Japan, Expected Worldwide Later

The PSP may not have been as big as the DS over in the West but Sony’s handheld system still has a massive fan base in Japan, which explains why a new firmware update, 6.61, has been released for the system. This is the first firmware update for the PSP in over three and a half years, so you’d think it may be pretty substantial. Nope, it’s a stability update. However, considering new PSP games still release in Japan it might have been needed.

I suppose now is a good a time as any to talk about PSP memories then. I have one lying around somewhere though I don’t know where it is now. My PSP game library was never large as my PS2 and then PS3 ones. I think my most used software in the end turned out to be the comic book reader that was installed on it. So, what about you lot? Any PSP moments that you’d like to share with us?


Update: The firmware has gone live worldwide. Thanks Tontsa On Twitter for the heads up.

Source: Kotaku



  1. The GTA games were the best things I remember on PSP. I just wish they’d bring GTA San Andreas out for the Vita

  2. A few decent PSP exclusives/IPs – Pursuit Force, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, LocoRoco (what a soundtrack that had)!

    Gran Turismo on PSP was amazing.

    Playing Final Fantasy VII on the move for the first time was pretty cool.

    MGS PeaceWalker!!

  3. Whatever the killzone game was called, the top down one, that was pretty good.
    There was also one called field commander I think, was pretty ace. Other than that I didn’t use it all that much, same as with my Vita really. Brilliant in theory but for some reason I never use it.

  4. Bought one for a flight to NY. Played Vice City stories for about an hour. Sold it all when I got back. Good times, lol!

  5. Pata Pata Pata Pon?

    Pon Pon Chakka Don?

  6. The God of War games were good and I liked the PSOne support but otherwise mine collected dust :(

  7. Absolutely loved the PSP and as much as I like the Vita it simply doesn’t have the same variety of unique games. LocoRoco, FF Crisis Core, Killzone Liberation, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Patapon all got a lot of play time, along with the awesome MGS Peacewalker, still not sure how they fitted all the content on one UMD for that one. Sitting out at night in a Cornish campsite, with a few beers playing the Peacewalker under the stars is still one of my favourite gaming moments.
    And yes playing PS1 classics (Vagrant Story and FF VII) was a nice benefit.

    Great system with some great games.

  8. A great system and also *ahem* emulator….

  9. I imported a Japanese PSP and it was amazing. Lots of over-the-shoulder viewing when I played it at dinnertime at work.

  10. I never had a PSP, but I’ve played some of its games on Vita. God of War, Patapon, all of the Final Fantasies, there’s a lot more great games for it than I knew of before.

    I guess this update is part of Sonys ten-year-plan. :-P

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