Driveclub’s Japan Tracks Releasing For Free On Monday

Evolution has announced that the Japan track content will be releasing January 19th, which is tomorrow, and this update will include five new tracks to race around on. Takahagi Hills is the track on display in the video above. The car that is being drive is the Jaguar C-X75 Concept, which will be available in the Apex Expansion pack. That will go on sale January 28th in Europe on the PlayStation Store, but if you have the season pass you’ll get that and other cars for no extra cost.


The final Japan track listing is:

Source: Facebook



  1. Best I get a playlist ready for the new tracks then. So far it consists of The Vapours & Aneka.

    • How about some Pizzicato Five?

      • Didn’t one of those guys go on to do ‘Bachelor Pad by Fantastic Plastic Machine’? What a track!

        Thinking about it, I may have to add some Little Dragon too.

    • no u in vapors bud!
      aqua timez,and baby metal proper driving music!

  2. Still waiting for the Plus edition, it’s only been 14 months.

    • i can feel your pain kk but just bite the bullet and go buy it for a score!(i did!)
      its nice that evo are pushing free content to full game owners but i think they have totally forgot about the freemium version..

    • Move on… The game is incredible, just buy it (plus was only ever going to give you a bit more than a demo)

      • Yeah, you can pick it up pretty cheap now.

      • I don’t regret my full price day one purchase one bit even with the launch issues,had a great time with it and it’s just got better and better but boy im finding the dlc tough compared to the standard game lol

      • I’ve got Forza Horizon 2 and a whole lot of patience. I’ll wait for a sale on the digital version or the free one, whichever comes first.

        I don’t live in an area where I can trade in, it’s like an hour and a half (and a ferry) to the nearest Game store. So I can’t be bothered with a physical copy.

      • I think Horizon looks a bit more intresting than Forza 5 when i had Xbox One Forza just sat on the shelf gathering dust.

      • @Kenny – The digital version dropped from £35 to £20 for PS+ subscribers this past week (there’s a comparable drop if you’re not a subscriber too). That’s not a sale, granted, but it’s a good price drop.

        But, just so you don’t have to buy it right now, I’ve prepared the excuse for you that you want to wait for the PS Store 10% off discount which Sony are dishing out as compensation for the Christmas downtime. ;)

      • Well I’m no accountant or financial advisor, but if Kenny’s sensible he can hold off ’til the 10% discount, then use the £2 he’ll save on 2 packets of Haribo Smurfs from Poundworld.
        If they’re out of Smurfs you can go for Starmix, just avoid the eggs and hearts as they’ve got that horrible white foam stuff commonly known to the general public as marshmallow.

      • Have to agree with the general consensus and say buy it now. It is a good racer with the majority of initial faults ironed out now. Bit of a steal at 20 quid to be honest.
        The free DLC packs are a welcome gift that’ll keep you occupied for even longer, be warned though difficulty spike incoming :P

      • Talking about the difficulty spike… Have any of you guys who have got the Season Pass managed to win the last race on Elements? I come last every time.

      • I don’t have the season pass but might have to pick up Elements now that you’ve set that challenge.

      • Well worth the Season Pass mate. The last event (3 races) on Elements is near impossible. You literally can’t see anything on the last race.

      • Ok, so I went on the store to get it with that plus discount… And the game isn’t even available for purchase. :-(

        No, seriously. Norwegian store here, which usually is near identical to the UK one.

      • Considering about 20% of the game is set in Norway, thats a bummer.
        Sure you haven’t overlooked it as the Plus upgrade has a ‘yellow’ thumbnail/artwork which I missed originally as I was assuming it would be red.

      • I first checked the Plus area, then I went through the list of all games, twice. I then searched for it and found its page with all the DLC, but the main game itself was not available.

        How stupid is that?

      • Sounds like standard store behaviour to me! ;)

    • I would concur with everyone else. Just buy it for £20. It my fave game for YONKS!!!

  3. This whole devs releasing unfinished games fiasco isnt too bad if you’re willing to wait a few months.

    Picked up both Driveclub and AC Unity for £20 each and recieved free content for both too :D

  4. I finally gave up waiting for the PS Plus edition. I’m particularly fussy when it comes to racers. My arm was finally twisted when it was on the store for £19.99 (I think this is a first for a game to actually be cheaper on the store rather than a physical copy?) Anyway i’ve been enjoying it very much. The difficulty spike did hit me hard on one of the championships which took me a few gos to get a decent position and some verbal abuse towards my tv set, i’m only half way through the tour so i’m sure i’ve got more to come. The multiplayer is great fun, I actually won a race and got some acceptable positions considering my rookie race experience. Not had any problems with connections etc. so all seems to be working now. I’d say now is a great time to purchase if you haven’t already as it’s cheap and seems to be working fully.

  5. An update of almost 6GB for those 5 tracks? Sony really need to start letting us use USB drives as extra storage.

    • That’s ridiculously huge. Do they not use compression?

      What annoys me with current gen consoles, is that we get incredible textures (a large part of the insane sizes), but terrible anisotropic filtering. So much of the detail is lost.

    • They’llbe adding 5 tracks, plus variations giving a total of 11 ,support for the new event/car packs and there’s also a few tweaks and fixes included. Have a looky here..

      The link mentions 3.3 GB, which must be what it actually adds to the overall install.

      • It was definitely an almost 6 gig download. But I guess it could just make the game 3.3 gig bigger, if some of that is replacing existing bits.

        At least the PS4 doesn’t suffer from that problem the PS3 has of needing twice as much space to download things.

  6. I was called a conspiracy theorist for saying the plus delay would benefit them as people would get fed up of waiting and buy it anyway. Looks like I was right.

    • I would of bought it either way like I do any other game i’m interested in whether it has a demo or not. However as I was waiting for the PS Plus version which doesn’t seem to be appearing any time soon the price of the full game was only dropping and dropping. So it has actually saved me £25. If the PS Plus version came out when intended I would of played it. Enjoyed it and bought the full game for a much higher price. I’d definitely say it hasn’t benefited them. Not on my end anyway

    • Well, you might have been half right. Some people may have purchased the full game rather than wait for the plus version. So they’ll have gained some sales there.

      However, there’s still the sales they would have gained from having the plus version available as a big demo. There will still be people waiting for that, so they’ll have lost those sales. If the plus version ever appears, they might gain some more sales, but they’ll be at a greatly reduced price. And some people will have completely lost interest in the game by then too and might never buy it now.

      So overall, they’ll probably be making a lot less money from it. And you’d have to be spectacularly stupid to think they deliberately delayed the plus version as some sort of sales tactic.

      It’s a shame, as the game is very good, and was pretty much fixed after a couple of weeks anyway. Mostly.

      • Well we’ll never know how many would or wouldn’t have got it after playing the plus version, I seen a lot of comments on here saying they got fed up waiting and got it well before the recent price cut. Not saying it was deliberate of course but just that there was an upside to them delaying it.

        What I found a bit off was postponing the plus version because the servers wouldn’t cope, but still selling the game anyway. It seems to have sold well over the last few weeks and the problems seem over so why’s it still not out?

    • Like Andrew and MrYd state, I don’t think they’ve benefitted from the delay. Judging by peoples response to the game on this thread alone tells me most people would’ve most likely upgraded to the full version at a higher cost making Evolution more money if the Plus version was released.
      Like I said ages ago, it’s a great game but having no Plus version and unjustified low and mediocre review scores did not help Evolution. The Plus version is delayed simply because it’s not ready.

      • But they delayed the plus version due to servers not coping with the load, implementing a “one in, one out” policy early on, so why was it acceptable to still sell the game knowing people wouldn’t be able to connect? Especially given the social features were the reason for the first delay.

      • You could still connect, it just wasn’t stable (not that I’m defending the cock-up). I don’t know any other game which has halted sales after a release due to server issues – It personally didn’t even affect me, I was happily drifting through the Tour Mode. I didn’t see Ubisoft halt Assassin Creed sales or Rockstar halt GTA V sales when you couldn’t get online or Halo Remastered (whatever it is) or god knows how many other games that have been plagued with server issues.

        I’m guessing they had no choice other than to prioritise – Give the customers who have actually parted with money priority over the Plus version. Surely that makes sense and isn’t a conspiracy.

      • You’re missing my point. They were contradicting themselves. “hey we’ve postponed the plus version because the servers can’t cope, but you can still buy it and add to the server load”

      • You’re correct, I am missing your point. There doesn’t appear to be one.
        I can only reiterate customers who have purchased a copy of DriveClub, surely & quite rightly take priority over Plus subscribers until ongoing server issues are resolved.

      • Maybe they thought they could still sell the game and cope with the number of people trying to play it, but if they released the PS+ version, they’d suddenly get more people trying it than they could cope with.

        I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect a PS+ version to lead to several million people giving it a go. Much more than they were selling. So delaying the plus version was absolutely the right thing to do to protect the game for those people who’d paid for it.

        They delayed the plus version as soon as they saw it was going to cause even bigger problems. The game was working fine within a couple of weeks. Releasing the plus version then might just have broken it all again for people who’d paid. And even during that initial time when the online parts were broken, there was a lot of game still there for people who paid.

        And the impression people who haven’t played the game yet seem to have is much worse than it really is. Not helped by certain websites that might just have exaggerate Sony problems while quietly ignoring MS problems.

      • I wonder if they could of released the plus version with no multiplayer. To give people a go of the game without causing added issues to servers. Or even release a single player demo. I suppose they had enough on their plate to sort out. Maybe i’m just old fashioned…gone are the days of playing the latest demos for future releases.

      • That thought has crossed my mind too. Maybe a couple of tracks and a selection of varied cars to test drive.

      • “They were contradicting themselves. “hey we’ve postponed the plus version because the servers can’t cope, but you can still buy it and add to the server load””

        Exactly. And yes double o dave, there is a point, but at this stage it seems evident you’re adamant to defend DC on nearly every level.

        PS+ would’ve added to Evolution’s problems, but little more than the increasing number of people buying the game.

        The plus version would’ve impacted sales to a degree on launch, and because it never went live, the impact on sales is less so. None of us know the figures, therefore no one of us can come to a logical conclusion, but it’s not unreasonable for Starman to say that the ‘plus delay would benefit them’, especially when DLC is being churned out, and a plus version – which is apparently insignificant to the full version – is still on the waiting cards.

      • I believe Starman’s point is the fact that there is a big Conspiracy Theory which sounds ridiculous and I refuse to believe. I think MrYd’s opinion on the Plus matter pretty much says it all in response to Starman’s so-called point.
        I’m also sure Evolution have genuine reasons for the hold-up of the Plus version, reasons which they’ve stated several times.

      • No one is saying Evolution did it on purpose, just that it was an upside to the whole fiasco. How much of an upside, we don’t know, but the advantages will increase the more people want to try the game and ultimately only have the option to buy it. That fact cannot be denied.

        I dare say many people would like further news on why there is no PS+ version in sight. It was ready and prepped months ago, and Evo now seem ro be on top of the updates/DLC, so wouldn’t now be a good a time as any.

      • Maybe the thinking is that if enough time passes, people will just forget about it?

        If so, I think they are entirely underestimating a gamers incredible memory when it comes to free stuff! ;)

    • I was waiting for the plus version because I’m not a huge fan of racing games. But at £20, I’m willing to take a risk. Especially now the game has been patched and word of mouth is so good.

      If it was still full price however, I’d still be holding out for the plus version.

      I don’t feel robbed. I feel like I got a bargain.

      • The reason I was waiting for the plus version was because I wanted to see for myself how simmy it was, as I hate things like Gran Turismo & the hoops it makes you jump through just to get into a damn race. Many people enjoy trials & tinkering with bits & bobs, but I don’t know/care enough about it to actually spend any time on it. The plus version would have given me a taster to see if it was for me or not.

        Now, I am kind of past the point of caring about it. It’s been too long.

        However, its unlikely that they would actually care about my opinion on it, as I was a fence sitter & not a definite upgrader anyway.

      • @Forrest DriveClub is less simmy than Grid Autosport. Set up is just a case of driving with the presets…not even ABS or TC. ;)
        The preset car set up might seem simmy but it’s all default!

  7. When I do get into a race after two or three attempts, after competing and waiting for the new game, it seems to disconnect again and have to go through the process of joining again.

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