The Order 1886 Gets A New Story Trailer Ahead Of Next Month’s Release

Ready At Dawn has released a new trailer for The Order 1886, this time focusing more on the story rather than any gameplay. It shows The Order gearing up to the halt the rebellion that has hit this alternate Victorian London setting, not only for political reasons but on the belief that the rebels are working with the werewolves, referred to has half breeds in the trailer. That prospect spurs The Order into action to fight against both of these enemies.


You can also see the knights sitting around a round table, no doubt a nod to the tales of King Arthur and his Knights of The Round Table. Maybe in this alternate timeline King Arthur set up the Order to fight the threat, and his knights were the first of many. I’ve personally not been too fussed about The Order 1886, but this trailer has made me more interested than the gameplay footage that has been released over the last few months.

The Order 1886 will be releasing February 20th for PS4.

Source: Youtube



  1. I’m not so sure of the gameplay, but this trailer has sold me on the game as it appears to tell an interesting story…. And then there’s the whole blasting a head off with an electric gun thing.

    I like Ready at Dawn, so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. This looked more Uncharted than Beyond: Two Souls, so that’s good.

  2. I don’t really have much interest in history, or Knights, or Werewolves, but the quality of this game from the start has grabbed my interest and having watched the trailer yesterday, it’s probably my most anticipated game this year – particularly due to its story and cinematic focus. (It was The Division, but knowing Ubi the game will be a lot less pretty than what we’ve seen). Can’t wait for 20th Feb!

  3. That is a huge round table. How the hell would you clean or polish the middle? – Thats my concern!

    Dinner time would be nightmare… “Pass me the veg”, “& how exactly am I supposed to do that? Its in the middle of the f*cking table!”.

    • The middle part is likely used for entertainment, you’ll have a dancer or two on it that can also serve whatever is out of reach.

      • There’s a fine opportunity for the Microsoft HoloLens to be used in the centre of that table. You could swap dancers at will. I wouldn’t however be too happy about being served virtual food.

    • If they’re clever, the whole thing turns so they can simply spin the damn thing and let centrifugal forces do the rest. :-) Like those glass spinning table-top thingies you get in Indian restaurants but without the popadoms. :)

      • Oddly enough I went for an Indian last night. Unfortunately there was no spinning table but we did have poppadoms. I just feel sorry for the poor bugger who ventured into the toilet after me. Hopefully no one noticed me sneak back to my desk from the toilet so he’ll get the blame for the horrific stench.

      • Ah, the sort of visit that has you bracing yourself on the cubicle walls. I know those visits. :D

  4. I need to get around to pre-ordering this. I would go with shopto, but I ain’t forking out £49.99 for this.

  5. Whether the gameplay is a bit generic or not, when you wrap it with such beautiful graphics, sound, cut-scenes and whatever else they can throw in there – you can’t help but get a little swept off of your feet with it. Looks stunning!

  6. It looks pretty damn good – at least story-wise. Be interesting to see how the gameplay fares up.

  7. Please dont use those stupid borders like the evil within, totally ruins the game.

    • That’s the only thing that puts me off too – hopefully it’s not as bad as with The Evil Within, as it was very noticeable and with a 3rd person game you need to be able to see as much as possible since the character already takes up a lot of the screen. :(

    • They’ve been in from the start, fella. Probably best you start narrowing your eyes now, in preparation for the launch. Won’t feel so bad then and you’ll be treated to a whole new world after you’ve finished playing the game and can start opening your peepers properly once more. :-)

      • Yeah, the borders are entirely intentional & there to give it ‘a more cinematic feel’. Apparently.

  8. Can’t wait for this. Seems very reminiscent of Gears style gameplay which is right up my alley.
    Have it on preorder!
    Pity UK is getting such a shitty collectors edition, would have loved one like the US.
    I highly suspect certain sites are going to crucify this for things other games get a free pass on (undefined “lack of innovation” complaints, not being a sandbox style game and so on), these been a hate campaign for this game going on on certain sites for months now. But it’s been a long long time since I’ve trusted review scores in the gaming media. The inconsistencies jaded me to them years ago.

    For anyone that’s interested, Game are doing lock-ins for this and bloodborne:

  9. I don’t care if this ends up being another third person shooter as it looks and sounds fracking awesome!

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