Community Round-Up: 24/01/15

Last week’s Round Up arrived a day late (I’m not sure why, maybe the carrier pigeons I used got lost) so fingers crossed that this one arrives on your screens in a timely manner!

[I typed in the wrong date, which you’ll note didn’t happen this time around! – Tef]

Regardless of what day it is, you’re obviously here reading this and so now’s the time for this week’s Community Round-Up.

This week on the meets, there will probably be the usual GT6 on Monday and Battlefield on Friday.

If you’d rather play something else, you can add your own Meet to the list, provided you have more than 250 TSA Points.

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For a first time in a while, the Reviews outnumbered the Previews, so let’s get stuck in. Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix is the latest remaster to grace our current gen consoles, and it’s certainly one of the better ones. Jim gave it an 8/10, calling the cheap title a “steal” with over 60 hours of content to get through.

Jim also reviewed another remake this week, Resident Evil HD, although this version might not be to everyone’s tastes. Fans of the original are sure to enjoy the hardcore gameplay, whereas newcomers might find it a little too hardcore, hence the 7/10 review. And for the hattrick, he had a look at The Longest Journey remastered on iOS. He sums up by calling it a “solid version of the original” yet sadly it only meets the “minimum requirements to branded as a “remaster””.

The last Review of the week came from Aran, who gave a 5/10 to Saints Row: Gat Out Of Hell. Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the game is much of a step forward from Saints Row IV, with a short main story and a distinct lack of humour fans have come to love from the series.

From the Previews, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate looks like it will be yet another great title adding itself to the 3DS’s library, while Blood Bowl 2 is looking more brutal than ever before, mixing the Warhammer setting with American Football (which is apparently a formula that works!).

Stefan also sat down with Dontnod’s CEO, Oskar Guilbert, as they announced a new game called Vampyr, though aren’t really ready to talk about it too much since it’s still very much in the prototyping stages. He also got to deliver an exclusive look at a new location and environment in OlliOlli 2

Meanwhile, Matt took to the track in Driveclub’s new tracks from Japan, as Blair also wrote about why he considers Super Mario Galaxy 2 a modern masterpiece and Jim dived into what The Elder Scrolls Online going to a subscription free model ahead of its console release means for the game.

Looking at the Community articles, the Chronicle talked about Forza 6, Uncharted 4’s frame rate and Evolve’s ridiculously priced season pass. Meanwhile on WeView, FIFA 15 had an underwhelming Verdict, while Surgeon Simulator appears to be off to a flying start as this week’s game.

TSA is  still podcastless, so all there’s left to mention is What We Played #187which featured Mario, Destiny, AC Unity and Peggle.

Time to pop into the Forums and see what’s new for this week:

  • Wick asks what will happen to the Xbox One with DirectX 12 on the horizon
  • And I want to know what you lot are using your 10% off voucher on?

Well that’s your lot for this week, so until next time, bye!



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