What We Played #187: Mario, Destiny, Assassin’s Creed, And Peggle

Greetings again from all of us here at the TSA towers. We hope 2015 has been treating you well thus far and it’s time again for another round of what we played, the piece where we talk about those crazy, new-fangled video games and our experiences playing them.

Tuffcub gets us started this week with a PlayStation Vita game called Baboon. If you’re like me and don’t know too much about it, fear not, because you can expect a review to hit the site next week with all the details on why it is (or isn’t) worth your time. Beyond that, Tuffcub mainly just played Destiny again. He noted that there are other games he could be playing but it’s just that Destiny a digital download on his console, so it’s there staring him in the face every time he boots up his PS4, scaring away any other games that might grab his attention.

Peter keeps us rolling next with a bit more of Elite: Dangerous, the PC game that has kept him occupied for quite some time now. It’s been time well spent, as he’s upgraded his ship enough to do continuous bounties without much distraction from bigger ships, as he can now blow them to bits without much issue.


He also got around to starting Assassin’s Creed: Unity. He mentioned that he’s not a huge fan of Arno just yet, but the best bit came when he talked about playing Unity without patching it first. Because he’s a rebel like that.

It’s broken but I found it more amusing than infuriating. That might be because I know that allowing the patch install will fix the silly issues. Still, getting halfway across a tightrope and your character’s animation bugging out from “sneak” to “sprint” is funny and it only gets funnier when you realise he’s stopped moving through the geometry and you can also spin him on his high wire spot. All this, and I’ve only just played enough to get Arno to Paris.

Stefan spent a day with Focus Home Interactive, where he’s been seeing a variety of games. The previews for a few of them are already up on the site and there are more on the way in the coming days. He also fitted in a bit of Crota’s End on Destiny, and a little more Don’t Starve with bunimomike, who apparently tried to burn down a large chunk of their base. Why? Because he’s bunimomike.

Dom checked in next and he’s been playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, a preview of which just went up on the site yesterday, so go check that out. He also continued pushing through Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, but it sounds like he’s about ready for it to end so he can move on to Unity. Beyond that, it was more of Lego: The Hobbit for him and his son. What a dad!

I’ve been continuing Lego The Hobbit with Noah and he loves it – being forced to play games by a three year-old is a tough life but who am I to refuse! It’s also a great way to get him into Tolkien’s work without the actual violence of the Peter Jackson films.

Aran spent more time with Dragon Age: Inquisition this week but it seems this game knows about his goal to finish as many campaigns as he can this year, and it just keeps coming up with new things for him to do. He also played some Puzzle Agent to mix things up a bit, and although a few of the puzzles had him stumped at least for a short while, he was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out.

He also spent last weekend with a bit of Saints Row IV: Gat of Hell for review (which can be found here), and he played a bit of the current-gen version of Saint’s Row IV that came packaged with Gat out of Hell, which you may or may not see a few words about in the coming days.

As we wrap it up this week we have Blair, who sprinkled in a variety of games before fleeing the site to go on vacation. He played some Majora’s Mask on 3DS, tried some online multiplayer in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and then played Super Mario Galaxy 2, which is a game that’s nothing short of a masterpiece in his eyes, and he wrote a few words to explain why.

Finally he played a bit of Peggle 2, which is a game I also spent time with this week, and he and I pretty much share the same opinion on Pop Cap’s latest offering; it’s still a good time, but maybe not exactly the sequel we were hoping for.

I also played and finally beat Assassin’s Creed: Unity this week, and I’m sad to report that while it’s not a bad game, it’s certainly nowhere near the best we’ve seen out of this series so far. It’s disappointing because I feel like Black Flag really took the franchise in a fresh direction, only for Unity to bring back a bit of the old, except this time plagued with bugs that make traversal an absolute nightmare at certain parts. On top of that, the story is nothing special, but that’s been the case for a while now in the Assassin’s Creed universe.

So there it is. Words about games. Now that you’ve read all that, how about you head to the comments and let us know what you’ve been playing this week. Go ahead, we won’t make fun of you for your choice in games. Probably.



  1. Stefan also forgot he’s played a bit of CoD Extincion with yours truly, wick and commissar_dave…as we completed the Exodus map. :P

    I also played a lot more Extinction, just found myself addicted to it again. It’s easy to pick up and play, I can’t seem to bring myself to start anything new for some reason. Played with Hornet and his group of friends, nice guys – hoping to have another game soon.

    I’ve also been grinding a shit load of XP on Red Dead Redemption – am currently level 48 of 50. I should reach that over the weekend so I’ll have all the online trophies done so that the platinum is always possible.

    Got back into New Star Soccer on my iPhone too.

    • Yup, it was good fun! Definitely up for another go at it soon :-D

      Completed The Swapper and got all the trophies last weekend.

      Also finished my normal difficulty runthrough of Advanced Warfare so time to restart it on veteran…

      Otherwise it’s been Driveclub taking up the gaming time. It’s definitely getting better, esp. after the latest patch but there’s still a few niggles that need addressing and the servers still seem far too flaky. Despite that its still great fun!

    • D’oh! I did, I did… It’s been a busy week…

  2. Well for me it’s been a bit of Battlefield 4 a little DriveClub,quite a bit of CoD AW and The Crew and a little Trials and PvZ Garden Warfare,possibly a bit of Battlefield and Saints Row today among others.

  3. Picked up a cheap copy of The Crew at the weekend so I’ve sat down a couple of evenings this week and played that.
    Not a bad game in my opinion, certainly much better than most forums, reviews, etc would have you believe.
    Been having a lot of fun just driving round the huge open world and completing the various Skill challenges.
    Haven’t dabbled in the multiplayer aspect too much yet outside of a couple of story missions but I’m hoping to sit down and play it with my brother for a few hours this evening.

    • In my experience, the multiplayer stuff is a little flaky (in terms of matchmaking/crewing up at least), but persevere & you should hopefully manage to get matched up.

      We had to try a few different combinations of invites/hosts on Monday & eventually we got it to work – Was great fun once we did.

      • A flaky Ubisoft game you say? Get outta here! ;)
        Thanks for the tips. Surprised the game still has so many networking issues given it has been on the market for over a month now.

  4. Well colour me blind & slap my ass lol but driveClub an absolute gem, my first car game since NFS: Underground PS2 days but this game is just keeps drawing me back.

    Pro clubs as usual

    • I agree. All the horror stories now seem to be redundant and we are left with a very good racer

  5. This week has been a worrying amount of Samurai Warriors 4. (Which Amazon somehow delivered on Saturday, after I ordered it on Friday with free delivery. Impressive of them)

    Some neat twists to the musou formula there, which take some getting used to. (And the “Options” button on the PS4 controller is still in an awkward place to get to when you need to quickly press it to switch between your 2 characters). An enormous amount of fun though. And an enormous amount of game as well. 12 stories with 4 or more stages to each (I think there’s 64 in total). Each stage taking 15 to 30 minutes at least (on easy). 30+ hours for the story. And then you need to do most of the story with different characters if you want the trophies.

    But mostly it’s just massive slaughtering of thousands of enemies with the odd unusual choice of weapons. (A shamisen? A sort of Japanese guitar thing?)

    Needs English voices though. Reading subtitles while killing all those enemies is challenging.

  6. I’ve been playing Dragon Age, Sunset Overdrive and Forza Horizon 2, which are three of my favorite games of 2014.

    A fair bit of Halo Collection, which now works well for me. Some playlists are quicker at matchmaking than others, but once I’m in it’s generally all good. Big Team Battle with Capture the flag is a blast. Especially with Gungooses.

    Then there’s DriveClub; I’ve only played it for a couple days now, but it’s looking like a 7 from me. The AI is weird, ruining the racing for me, time trials is where it’s at. The soundtrack is also rubbish and I don’t like how the menu is showing me all these races that are locked behind a DLC paywall.

    I’d say it’s good, but not great. Well worth the current price though. For those who remember I had trouble finding it on the store, well it showed up in the sale category the day after.

    • I suppose it might be “Gungeese”, but then it’s based on Mongoose, not the bird. So I dunno… :-S

  7. This week I finally banged out the Ac Unity platinum. Really enjoyed the game as a whole.
    I’ve also played more lego batman 3 and of course destiny :-)

  8. Finished PvZ and have been playing Tomb Raider on PS4. Just mopping up a few collectables before i finish the story mode then gonna try multi-player and hopefully Platinum no2.

  9. The only thing I’ve had chance to go on this week is The Elements Tour in DriveClub.
    I did notice since the last patch, the last Elements event (3 races) now seems a little easier. The sky seems a bit brighter enabling me to actually see through the snow, so with a bit of luck I think I may be able to win the event after a few more attempts. I actually came 4th as opposed to 12th when I had a quick go.
    They did mention they were going to tinkle with the weather a bit more so I’m gathering thats got something to do with it and it’s not my imagination.

    • Oh, the fact they’ve sped the window wiper up in the Pagani also helps.

  10. Played The Crew and just got the Platinum thanks to Camdaz =D

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