Community Chronicle: 25/01/15

After crashing our way through to the final boss battle of Crota’s End hard mode in a single night, my group of intrepid raiders – myself, Ash, Miffi, Baconsarnie, Commissioner_Dave and Geofduke – got stuck. Bungie changed the rules to nullify all of the existing and legitimate tactics, while simultaneously taking away certain crutches that we’d relied on, making this a particularly challenging and frustrating final boss fight. Naturally, it wasn’t helped by tiny elements of randomised nonsense and bugs, which only served to make us more annoyed with the game.

We did it, though, after battling with it for the better part of yesterday. It’s just whether or not we really feel like doing it again…


Microsoft had a really big week, with a major press event dedicated not just to Windows but other potentially transformative ideas as well. A further unveiling of Windows 10 was the meat of the show, and they announced newer and much deeper Xbox integration with a dedicated app that lets you hook into Xbox Live, APIs for developers to enable cross-platform play and a form of Remote Play from Xbox One to other devices.

There was a lot to like about all of this, and wick15 wieghed in to say, “Microsoft have really upped their game with Windows 10. Some cracking features coming with it and they only bode well for the Xbox Ones future. Also really excited to see how DirectX 12 turns out and if it will be integrated into Windows 10 on the Xbox One properly.”

Similarly, Eldave0 thought it “Sounds great. Loving how well it ties in with the X1. They get a lot of [hassle] but MS are really doing it right at the moment.”

With this being a free upgrade within the first year – though there was confusion about what exactly that meant – beeje13 thought this was a particularly clever move:

Giving it away for free is clever. Putting a 1 year time limit is a masterstroke.

So many people will be rushing to get the free update, and suddenly Microsoft have a windows 7 level of marketshare, with unification across all platforms and all the other things win10 brings.

From adding the logical moves within Windows 10, Microsoft then took a turn for the more adventurous and bizarre, with the pie in the sky vision for their HoloLens augmented reality headset. Rather than blocking out the rest of the world, as Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus will do, this will overlay interactive 3D graphics onto the world around you by way of projecting images onto the lenses of your headset.

Rept0n said it’s a “Quite interesting combination of tech; a bastardisation of Google Glass, EyeToy/Move/Vita, and VR Headsets. It’ll be interesting to see how ‘full’ these graphics will be in covering over the areas they want to (or how much transparency it takes to break the illusion).”

Following on from that, Kennykazey added:

Great concept, and as rept0n said; it can potentially make simple VR a thing of the past by blending it in with this tech. Letting it fill your vision when playing, and then minimising it to see the real world.

But there’s no way it work anywhere near this well and look as cool for many, many years. Especially as a consumer level device. The tech needed is mind-blowing.

And it still looks like a toilet seat.

Tony Cawley was similarly sceptical of its plausibility in the near future, saying, ” That kind of tech, working properly, won’t exist in my lifetime sadly. Looks awesome, shame I’ll never see it.”

And of course, then there’s the name, which The Lone Steven rightly stated “is a bit of a misleading name. I mean, it’s not really offering holograms.”

Dragging us back to the here and now and the real issues which a number of developers are struggling with day in, day out, Microsoft and 343 Industries have opened up a new closed beta for Halo: The Master Chief Collection, in a bid to alleviate the matchmaking issues which continue to plague the online multiplayer game.

Bennibop felt that not enough was being made of the game’s issues, as he said, “Seems shocking that this has not had the negative news stories like some other games. It has been unplayable for lots of people since launch, Driveclub and Assassins Creed Unity were not anywhere near as broken as this and this beta is acknowledgement by 343 how bad it is.”

Turning to Kennykazey again, he had a relatively level headed outlook, saying, “And let’s be reasonable, it’s a beta for a larger update, not the game. This is commonplace in many applications, Steam for instance. It means that everyone won’t have to download a couple gigabytes until it’s proven useful.”

Finally, Starman snarkily remarked, “I think Halo 5 will be out by the time this is 100% working.” Though on the plus side, any fixes here should roll forward to Halo 5. Hopefully.


It’s been relatively subdued on the achievements side of things this week, as people have been hammering away at games without too many trophies in sight.

Youles reminded me that I’d finished a run through the final Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction map with him, Wick and Commisar_Dave, saving humanity in the process (I think), while Hornet1990 said that he’d finished a normal difficulty run through of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and The Swapper.

Carrot381 grabbed himself the Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare platinum, as double-o-dave teamed up with a few others to earn his first platinum in Driveclub and element666 made his way through to the end with Assassin’s Creed Unity’s platinum.

There were also some platinum trophy records to tally, as Lyts1985 staked a claim to Murdered: Soul Suspect, Tony Cawley did the same for Peggle 2 and Crazy_ Del got a little help from Camdaz to beat a flaky trophy or two and platinum The Crew.

And finally, a big congratulations to Steelhead, whose gaming this week was curtailed by the arrival into this world of his second son, and not of the inFamous kind.

A inferior race has been busily tapping your latest trophies into his tables, and you can head over to page 2 to view the first trophy leaderboard of 2015. Meanwhile, I leave you with the usual submissions form below:

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  1. Everybody is just moving on with their gaming lives, while I just sit here and play Hearthstone. That game is very addictive :)

    • Ha yeah I know what you mean. It’s hard to progress with trophies and the backlog when that one treasured game keeps calling out and you can’t resist. It’s CoD Chosts for me, although after trying the Destiny demo I reckon Destiny is another one that’ll hook me for hours and hours.

  2. Thanks for the mention and would also like to thank SuperJag for the 4hrs racing Faction (stupid bronze trophy!)
    If anyone has a question or tips for The Crew please post on Trophy Banter and I will help out as many as a I can :)
    Also congrats to everyone on their achievements :)

  3. Thanks for the mention. Now trying to get the Tomb Raider DE platinum but i’m really not enjoying the multi-player. I guess the unadulterated fun of PvZ has set the bar very high.

  4. Well done on The Crew Platinum Del thought that one would have gotten away from you to be honest lol

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