Evolve Is An “Equivalent Experience” On PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

Forthcoming asymmetric monster hunting multi-player game, Evolve, will be “equivalent experience” on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Gaming Bolt asked Turtle Rock producer Chloe Skew  if they were “going with graphical parity for the Xbox One and PS4 versions” and “what influenced the decision especially when the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One?”

The answer is a little more vague than it first appears, “We want it to be an equivalent experience…console wars are so tedious,” she said. “It’s like if you like that controller better, if you feel like that’s stronger than do what you want to do but we want to provide an equal experience for everyone.”

The important word is “experience”, at no point does Chloe state that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions run at the same resolution and frame rate, she completely dodges the question.

The recent beta for the game ran at 1080p on PlayStation 4 and 900p on Xbox One and on January 23rd, two weeks after Evolve had gone gold, Chloe also told Gaming Bolt “I know that we’re aiming for sixty at 1080p so hopefully we’ll be able to have that at some point in the future if not at launch.”

Source: GamingBolt



  1. Why am I not quoted in this article when I provided you with such factually accurate information? :)

  2. Its time like this that I wish online gaming was still free. Really want to get this game but cannot really justify getting a new game and renewing my XBL sub in the same month… :(

  3. Given how dark it was everywhere when I played the beta they shouldn’t have a problem with high resolution etc. You could hardly see anything. Was put off it anyway with all the preorder & dlc shenanigans.

    No doubt a few will accuse MS of bribing them as happens with every game that’s at equal res/fps.

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