Video: Discussing Evolve’s DLC, Balancing and Teamwork With Phil Robb

The release of Evolve is very nearly upon us, with Turtle Rock Studios’ intriguingly asymmetrical monster hunting multiplayer game set for release on February 10th. Yet it’s also not a game that’s had a particularly easy time of it, since having its release pushed back from the end of last year.

There’s been a backlash to the recently revealed DLC season pass and the ratio of content to price, for one thing, while last year’s ‘Big Alpha’ was rocked by networking issues, and we’ve only recently seen the open beta test concluding. So there were plenty of topics that we were quite eager to discuss when we had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Phil Robb, Co-founder of Turtle Rock and Creative Director on Evolve.



  1. Looks fantastic – I’ll pick this up on release I reckon

    • Er, that was meant to be on the Paperbound article (crazy phone). I am liking the look of this too though

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