Ready Or Not, Evolve Has A New Live-Action Trailer

With Evolve finally being released next week, the marketing for the game is coming to a big, screeching finale. To cap it off, 2K has released a live action trailer for the game.


Rather than depict any characters from the game, the trailer shows a group of normal people tracking signs of a monster from the game, which then turns out to also be a normal person. The trailer also features an awesome and haunting cover of the song “Ready Or Not” by Scala & Kolacny Brothers, originally by the Delfonics. The trailer then caps off with the usual flavor quotes about the game and how many awards they won. We’ll see if all of the acclaim is backed up when Evolve drops next week on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Source: Official 2K International



  1. Cancelled my pre order after the beta. The game is just pure ass

  2. Just ordered after a what seems like a cock up on Shopto with a silver level saving of £6.35 making the game £38.50,thought i’d have a dabble.

    • It’s a special promotion for the game, I got an email about it. I’m staying well clear though.

      • Ah cheers the email wouldn’t have come to my address,thanks for clearing it up ;)

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