343 Share What They Learned From The Halo 5 Beta

With the Halo 5 multiplayer beta having recently come to an end, 343 Industries made a blog post on Halo Waypoint that went into detail on what they learned from the beta and what changes they plan to make. They also shared a wealth of interesting beta statistics, including the fact that nearly 20 million games were played, accounting for 290 years of collective game time.



To begin, the community post touched on what they learned about Spartan abilities. Of note was that which they obtained through their Halo Community Feedback Program, that 11% of HCFP participants felt that Halo should not have sprint. While the developers were adamant about Halo’s need to evolve, they assured legacy players that there would be options in the final release to turn off sprint and other abilities. They also promised to increase base player speed and strafe acceleration, among other things.

When touching on weapons feedback, the blog post took a moment to focus on the new weapon, the Hydra. A powerful homing rocket launcher, players were disappointed in its performance when used un-scoped, and 343 aims to rebalance it in order to make it feel more powerful. Among other various weapon modifications mentioned, a notable piece of information was that the SPNKr rocket launcher present in the rest of the series would be coming back as a legendary rocket launcher variant.

Concerns were also addressed about the overall presentation of the multiplayer mode. While 343 enjoyed the feel of the intro and victory sequences in the game, they admitted that there may have been too many fist bumps and chest bumps, and aim to fix that. They also promise an opt-in post-death camera, and the addition of highlights on dropped weapons in order to make them easier to see.

There was a lengthy breakdown of the new Competitive Skill Rating system, and the flaws they uncovered with it. The CSR is a division-based system where players are rated into seven tiers of skill level. Some notable issues were that the penalties for losing or performing poorly were a bit extreme; there were many reported cases of groups losing a team-member because they ended up outperforming the rest of the group. 343 aim to balance the penalties and bonuses present in the CSR system, and ensure that it will end up focusing more on overall team-performance rather than individual skill.

Finally, matchmaking concerns were addressed, albeit briefly. Most of their resolutions are basic bug fixing, though one notable change they plan to make is to hide CSR ranks until in game, in order to prevent intimidated players from quitting before the match starts.

While the release of Halo 5 Guardians is still a ways away, 343 seems adamant about listening to player feedback and addressing it, and this beta helped them do just that.

Source: Halo Waypoint


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  1. Looks as though 343i are continuing the idea of making the game they want with the halo name attached, rather than a halo game fitting with it’s legacy.

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