Super Stardust Ultra Blasts On To PS4 Next Week

The long standing favourite Stardust gets it’s PS4 outing next week in the shape of a Super Stardust Ultra, complete with four player split screen, 3D and 1080p/60fps gameplay.

There is also a co-op mode and two brand new modes, one of which is Blockade which has you dropping a trail of deadly mines. The game also includes interactive broadcast options so people watching your screen can influence the game.

The game will cost €12.99 and PS Plus subscribers will receive an additional 20% discount for a period of one week after launch. Sadly the game is not cross buy as, like PS4 version of Dead Nation, the game is effectively a new title, rather than an exact copy of the old PS3 and PS Vita games. To be fair it does look like a lot of work has gone in to the game, I shall be buying the game on day one.

BTW, the video above runs at 60fps, make sure you select it!

Source: EU PS Blog



  1. Sweet.. I’m in!
    I’m glad it’s not cross buy as bought the original on my old PSN account.

    • so nust because you could’t take advantage of cross buy it means your glad no one can. your the reason why i hate other gamers.

      • Tuck it in mate, theres no need for that sort of talk

      • That’s good then, because as it happens, I am actually single handedly responsible for the opinion of all other gamers. You’ve rumbled me!

  2. Will wait for this to come out on PS+

    • That’s not a bad shout actually – It’s the sort of game that they seem to like giving away on plus & I believe that both this & dead nation have been given away previously haven’t they (& resogun as well I think?)?

      • Dead Nation was given away on month of release, same as Resogun. If this comes to PS+ it wont be for a good long while.

  3. Bought it on PS3, then Vita… it looks good on PS4, but kind of expensive for anyone that already played through it twice :/

  4. Separate trophy list?

    • It would have to be. It’s effectively a different (but the same) game.

  5. Sold!

  6. Sold. I’m better at this than I am at Resogun….

  7. This was my favourite PSN game on both PS3 & Vita so will definitely get it.

    It’s the first 3D game for PS4….. Well, I can’t remember any other?

    • No, I know that there are others. Trine 2 and sniper elite 3 according to Google.

      • Also Zen Pinball can be played in 3D.

  8. Sooner than I expected.
    I assume €12.99 is £9.99, £ 7.99 with discount?

  9. I think I’ll get this too but could you change the article to say it’s cross buy please. Just in case Mrs find out. Ps3 version of this want on Ps+ although it was given away after the PSN hacking. I got it in US store and couldn’t download the DLC. I’m not sure about Vita version of this.

  10. Loved Stardust on PS3. Will probably buy this out of nostalgia.

    Looking forward to Alienation, too. Anyone know when it’s coming out?

    • Forgot about Alienation. Probably be a while yet as they still haven’t released the latest Resogun update they advertised a while back.

      I reckon there will be a bit of nostalgia with Stardust as I’m pretty sure thats the first game I got with trophies. I was in competition against my mate at work trying to get the most and being chuffed when I unlocked my first silver. Unfortunately the novelty factor of trophies has kind of worn off on me now. It may get sparked off again if I go head to head with a friend.

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