Evolve Has A 3GB Day One Patch

The day one patches just keep on getting bigger and the latest to hammer your broadband is Evolve which comes with a whopping 3gb patch.

The update includes fixes for bugs found during the recent beta, optimisations for load times and new skins, here are the full patch notes:

We are constantly adjusting things in the background so that every Hunter and every Monster is finely tuned. What we learned about what’s being done to Wraith alone was eye-opening. A lot of the data gathered from the Big Alpha and Open Beta weekends helped us make these tweaks.

As we strive to push the engine and cram as much as possible into your Evolve experience, we’re also working are to optimize performance on your system. These improvements range from load times to improving matchmaking and network bandwidth optimizations.

During the Big Alpha and Open Beta periods we asked you – our community – for your help and feedback. We are addressing bugs found during our tests and we have you to thank for making Evolve that much stronger with this patch.

After the Big Alpha, we wanted to rework the Elite skins for Hunters and Monsters based on feedback we got from the community. The results of those requests are right here in this patch. We’ve updated or outright replaced the assets that were already in the game. All you need to do to unlock them: earn them.

This patch adds connectivity to work with Evolve Hunters Quest. We recently unveiled the game / companion app for Evolve. In one respect, it’s a fun Match-3 puzzle combat game. But it also has ties into the main console game through the my2K servers. Earn experience and watch overhead match replays through the app. Best of all, it’s free for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Source: Evolve



  1. 3gb!!!! Madness xD
    Surely the Big Alpha and Open Beta would have fixed these issues before the game is launched? Otherwise what is the point? Apart from internet matchmaking tests.

    • Well yes, but the open beta happened after the game had already gone gold and been sent to manufacturers to be put on disc and boxed up. Any fixes after that point will have had to be in this patch, though some of the things in it do feel a bit dumb.

      • Especially when the game had already been delayed for six months.

  2. Modern gaming.

  3. 3GB! How big is the game to start with?

    I often wonder about these big day-one patches, if you download the digital version does the size include this day one patch or is it 3GB on top of the original size? In other words would the 3GB patch (if it is a separate download) replace a portion of the original digital file so overall it won’t take 3GB extra space after it’s installed?

    For retail versions is this affectively replacing the original install the disc makes when you insert the disc? Do they essentially rebuild the installed portion and get you to install it again from the PSN rather than from the disc?

  4. Hey guys, if you want u can find Evolve for a very good price on g2a, i’ve already bought it! http://www.g2ausa.tk

    • I am guessing this guy didn’t realise he was banned a few weeks back. Bless.

  5. Super Mario 3D World is less than that. That’s a full game.

  6. Makes sense I guess. The game went Gold before the beta testing began, so any changes were going to have to be released in the form of a patch. Still, a pain for people with poor connections.

  7. If the comments above mine are right..it went to beta test AFTER it went gold and got printed?! WHAAT?
    I had a glimmer of interest in this game but after the DLC a tossery..and now this.. Wow. No thanks.

    • Scarey times!

      • The utter disrespect for the end user this generation is unbelievable. It was bad last, but it’s taking the piss a bit now.
        There are a handful of games Im really excited about coming to the PS4 but if theyre surrounded with crap like this game, I won’t buy them..simple as.

        I love gaming but I hate the way games are going.

        Thankfully I’ve got a large stock of old, good games to keep me going.

      • I partly think the opposite of this statement. The latest generation has given me patience and more games along with it.

        Games are released day 1 full price with loads of bugs. Therefore it is crazy to buy the game day one expecting it to work and even crazier to do so and complain as if it wasn’t expected.

        Therefore the solution is to let all the crazy people to the testing, wait a few months then buy the game working as expected for half the price the crazy people bought it at.

        Vive la generation!!

      • I get your point, bt as a collector I don’t want half finished games on my shelf. In 20 years time if I fancy playing some AC:Unitity, I’m not going to have the ability to patch the game therefore my experience is incomplete.

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