Expect More PSN Maintenance On Thursday 12th February

I was wondering when the next maintenance period for PSN would pop up, and now Sony has confirmed the date as Thursday 12th February. If you’re signed into the network prior to the maintenance period then you should be able to continue to play online, and access services. However, the PS Store and account management will not be accessible during maintenance.

The time maintenance is expected begin at 5pm GMT and is estimated to last until 8:30pm. Those in North America will have the maintenance from 9am PST until 12:30pm PST. So if you want to be gaming online during those hours make sure you are connected, or make other plans. I recommend watching Better Call Saul, though maybe finishing Breaking Bad first would be better if you haven’t.

Source: PS Support



  1. In before the ‘unbelievably outraged / unacceptable for a paid service / where’s my compensation / should’ve bought an xbox / blah blah blah.’

    • And don’t forget blighty/dangerman/blackarts saying its non-news.

  2. “Sony should invest in/improve/upgrade PSN”

    “Maintenance?! that’s 3 hours of my life I have been robbed of, this shouldn’t happen.”

    Jokes aside, obviously MS have a better set up with Iive as they can make changes it seems without affecting their service, most of the time. But 3 hours of ‘downtime’ in which you can sign in and use as normal is hardly outrageous.

  3. It absolutely is non news.

    1/ it’s 3 hours
    2/ if you are already signed in, you wouldn’t even know it’s happening..

    Headlines like expect MORE psn maintenance are just pathetic clickbait. The last scheduled psn maintenance was back in December..

    • Ha ha, you never disappoint! It really is news as the timing is prime gaming time for most.


  4. “news as the timing is prime gaming time for most”

    LOL, what a total idiot you are. You do understand that WHATEVER time it occurs, it’s “prime gaming time” somewhere in the world?

    Like a said, if you are signed in, you wouldn’t even know it’s happening…

    If you don’t understand, ask a grown up to explain it.

    • Somebody please ban this fool

      • Please don’t, I need a bit of light relief in the morning ;)

    • You need an adult to explain the word “most” it would seem.

    • Of course its news, people need to know so they can log in before it goes off line. You do realise no one is forcing you to read the article, so why not just ignore it if its not relevant for you. I for one appreciate the heads up so thanks guys.

    • This for once does not bother me as Thursday is date night & thus I will not be online that night anyway. However, just to pick up on the statement of “You do understand that WHATEVER time it occurs, it’s “prime gaming time” somewhere in the world?” – This is correct, but the issue that a lot of people have is the fact that it is always ‘prime gaming time’ in the EU when maintenance occurs.

      It would be nice if for once, just once, it was at a time that perhaps didn’t inconvenience us (or a select few of us not able to sign in or whatever) on this side of the world. But that’ll likely never happen.

      • Stop posting sensible comments, we need a bit of sensationalist over-reaction to make life bearable.

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