What We Played #190: Evolve, Alien: Isolation & Super Stardust Ultra

You know what’s great about working for a website that focuses on video games? You get to play a lot of video games! Well that’s exactly what some of us did this past week and we’re back again today to give you the lowdown and what we’ve been playing.

We start with Dom this week, who still hasn’t finished Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. He keeps making up excuses about why he can’t seem to progress to the end but I think he’s just so in love with the sea shanties that he can’t stop aimlessly sailing around the map. He also kept plugging away at Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and he spent some time tracking down the monster in Evolve as the Trapper. To round out his week, Dom plugged in the Crew for the first time.

 I finally made a brief start with The Crew which I got for Christmas. It’s ok I guess, though I think I’ve been spoilt by Driveclub and Forza Horizon 2 in the last few months, and the map just makes me think I’ve accidentally fired up Watch Dogs instead.

Next we have Stefan, who I’m pretty sure is considering buying a second PS4 so he can keep it on and running Destiny 24 hours a day. He also continued moving through Dying Light but he spent the majority of his gaming time this week with Evolve. If you haven’t already done so, you can check out his review here, where he strongly recommends that you play it with friends, if at all possible.


Aran decided to make full use of the ‘free’ games available on PlayStation Plus this week, so he picked up Apotheon, and then played Transistor for the first time. Here’s what he had to say about the two of them.

I really liked the style of Transistor, so much so that I played through the majority of it in one sitting. Supergiant have made two of my favourite games now, with the other being Bastion. Very excited to see what they have next up their sleeves.

Apotheon is something that grows on you eventually. You’re thrust into the action and as you progress given objectives, but you can tackle them in any order. However you do need to explore and find the best gear before fighting some creatures. This will mean getting on the wrong side of the Olympian Watchmen, but they seem content to let things slide if you pay them 20 coins.

That brings us to Blair, who didn’t have the greatest week with his gaming time. He started with episode two of Game of Thrones but as you might have read in his review, it didn’t quite float his boat as much as episode one did, as it included more “filler segments” than the prior episode. He also noted that he’s not a big fan of the visual filter Telltale is using, as it makes everything look like a blurry oil-painting. From there Blair moved on to Super Stardust Ultra, which inspired him to write a few words about its lack of anything even resembling ‘ultra’, as it’s pretty much just a remaster of Super Stardust HD from the PS3.

As for me, I spent a small bit of time doing co-op missions and harassing random people in Grand Theft Auto V with a few friends, and I also managed to start Alien: Isolation. The atmosphere in Isolation is absolutely spot on, and I actually enjoy having no power to fight the alien, but the lethality and unpredictability of the alien is already starting to wear thin and I’m not even halfway through the game. I’m trying to hit it in small doses because I can only take so much of fleeing to a locker every few minutes and waiting for the alien to leave.

So there you have it. Now, I don’t want to make any assumptions, but I’d put hard money that you chaps reading this right now have played some games over the past week. How about you head the comments with your tales of gaming greatness and prove me right?



  1. Just been playing dying light, brilliant game, just need to find me decent weapons & I don’t like travelling at night so scary out there ha!

  2. Finished up my playthrough of the RE remake on X1. Still an excellent game but I think after playing through the GC version so many times I may finally be bored of it :( Looking forward to Revelations 2 later this month for something fresh.

    Other than that I played some Fifa 15 and a bit more of the Hardline beta. Really enjoyed the beta and am tempted to pick it up. After BF4’s launch however I’ll probably hold off getting the full game right away and instead wait for a price drop.

    Oh, I rattled through the bulk of Peggle 2’s achievements too. Just a few more objectives to complete and the 1450 gamerscore is mine :)

    • Completing every objective in Peggle is no joke. Be sure to let us know when you get there!

  3. This week I finished lego batman 3 and bagged the platinum.
    Played more advanced warfare just going for the exo survival trophies now.

    I finally started Dragon Age Inquisition after getting it fir Christmas,I only managed a couple of hours so still getting to grips with it.

    I also played Destiny,which I’ve sunk so many hours into,yet still go back for more!

  4. I was late (as usual) sending mine in but you will be unsurprised to discover I have been playing Destiny and also The Order: 1886.

    • And what of the order? When is the review due

      • Next week, preview coming up later today.

  5. Not much game time this week – lots of footy to watch instead – so have just been having quick blasts on PvZ. Was hoping The Last Of Us remastered would be deal of the week on the ps store but alas not. Maybe next time.

  6. Trying to finish off AC Freedom Cry but the prick keeps on crashing. AC Unity does the same too since I got the Iron Mask outfit in Dead Kings dlc. I look at the map, then when I go back to the game, all the controls stop working. So not much PS4 for me at the moment. At least that means I’m spending more time in the studio.

  7. Some Lara Croft: Temple of Osiris with Teflon and Mike – I wasn’t that impressed with the game to be fair. Think it’s a bit too fast and rather chaotic, so combat often feels like you’re just randomly shooting. There’s also no real punishment for death so you always know you’re going to finish the Tomb you’re in – perhaps a revive system, fail if entire team is down, approach would have been better.

    Tried to help cam with some Blops1 zombies trophies but we couldn’t connect to each other for some reason!

    Completed my Grounded run of TLOU on PS3 – I really enjoyed the challenge. Have started Grounded+ which seems easier, mainly as I know what “path” to take rather then because upgrades have carried over.

  8. Can’t stop myself from playing Alien Isolation, it is so good…! Am on my second playthrough now, and it’s really worth it, is still enormously scary and makes me jump.
    Was very sceptical before, had given up hope for a good Alien game a long while ago, but this is it. Absolutely love it.

  9. Finished bioshock 2, great game as good as the 1st one. Couldn’t get into the multi-player tho. Also done some cod ghosts extinction and liking that more than the regular game. Tried hotline miami but can’t get past 1st level as I’m old and slow :(

    • Made laugh, as I know how it is… :o)
      Couldn’t even get past the very first chicken in Guacamelee, had to give up and delete the game.

      • I got stuck on guacamelee too, maybe it’s just those type of games ;). Think I’ll stick too fps in future

      • To not too

  10. Made a lot of progress in The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky. Nearly done I think and I can’t remember enjoying a game this much for quite some time. The characters are all the right kind of crazy and the story just keeps twisting again and again. Hoping to finish it before my pre-order of Game of Thrones season 4 arrives next week.

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