Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Will Support Dual Audio

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, and has also confirmed the game will support dual audio. This means you’ll be able to listen to the characters speak in either English or Japanese, while subtitle support will be included for English, French, German, Spanish & Italian. These options will also carry over to the Final Fantasy XV demo, Episode Duscae.


The demo will be available from Type-0 HD’s launch, March 20th, and Square has detailed how it can be obtained. If you’re buying the physical edition of the game then you’ll need to get the Day One edition, which includes a demo code voucher. This code will be redeemable until 20th March 2016. Digital editions of Type-0 HD will also have codes for the demo, but for a limited time only. A separate date hasn’t been given for that so I assume that will also last until March next year.

Source: PR/Youtube



  1. Want to play the demo but don’t fancy coughing up £40 for a port of a PSP game :( Can see the demo codes being quiet pricey on eBay too if stocks are low.

  2. I’ve not really heard anything about type zero but i do hope it’s a lot better then 13. I strongly dislike the linear nature of that game but this is not the place to voice my opinon on it.

    However, Square doesn’t seem to be confidence in the HD port of Type 0 and seems to be relying on FF15 helping it to shift copies. It’ll be interesting to see how many people will buy FFT0HD for the demo or for the game. Or they could just release the demo on teh same day as the release of the game for free and maybe include it on the disc of Type 0.

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