Square Enix Allow Studios To Tackle Its Old Franchises

The Square Enix Collective crowdfunding platform has finally released details of the IPs which smaller studios and indie developers can try and reinvigorate.

The idea is that the studios can pitch a brand new angle to an existing franchise, rather than creating a direct sequel, Square Enix give the example of a turn based strategy game using Gex the Gecko, one of the IPs up for grabs.


Two other names are up for grabs, the well known Fear Effect and the perhaps less well known Anachronox. Square Enix wil have to pre-approve any submissions to the Collective and then after 28 days of voting, decide if the project should go ahead for crowd funding.

“[This] no doubt begs an important question: Why ask gamers to pay for a game to be made if it’s using our IP?” say Square Enix “Well, because it will still be the responsibility of the independent developer to build the game – and the developer will still be the key beneficiary of its success.”

However, the company still benefits from deal as they will take 5% of the crowdfunding revenue, then 10% of the sale for publishing the game and another 10% for licensing the IP.

“Still, that means the developer will keep 80% of the net revenue from sales of the game – and who knows, maybe we’ll be interested in licensing a sequel as well? It’s a pretty good deal,” say Square Enix.

If the scheme proves popular then further IPs may be up for grabs, maybe something from way back such as Chuck Rock, Rick Dangerous or Heimdall?

Source: Square Enix



  1. i’d love to see a new Urban Chaos game, the original not a fps.
    and featuring the original protagonist, D’arci Stern, a black woman, how many games feature a black woman as the protagonist these day?

    it was a pretty fun game, a bit too ambitious for the tech of the time, the PS1 really couldn’t do it justice.
    did a lot of the stuff the 3D GTA games did, but on PS1.
    these days, somebody could do something awesome with that game, i think it’d do well if done right too.
    i mean, these open world games are big right now.

    i know it’s not on the list right now, but it’s an Eidos IP so it could be added later.
    i really hope it is.

    • Urban Chaos is my fav ps1 game and probably my fav game of all time
      D’arci will always be my fav videogame character, i guess because her and my wifey are so simmilar in both looks and personality :D
      Anyway i think its good the game never had a sequel
      it would just ruin it, they cant possibly keep the same charm the original game had
      btw Urban Chaos: riot response has nothing to do with urban chaos, they just used the same name since eidos was the owner of the copyright and the developments of the original urban chaos went out of business in 2001

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