WeView Verdict: Driveclub

While Driveclub had its fair share of issues at launch, it certainly seems that many have you forgiven them now and are really impressed by what the game has to offer. DJ Judas put it rather neatly by saying that “simply being online and not feeling as though the game is consistently broken makes a huge difference.” I think we can all get on board with that sentiment.

Sticking with DJ Judas for a moment, they were pretty pleased with the way Evolution eschewed the trend of building an open-world to wrap races in, saying they feel games use this structure to “create the illusion of extensive content” and “to artificially create longevity”. Instead Driveclub creates that longevity by “being enjoyable and by including a great variety of tracks”.

A more common theme among the comments was praise for Driveclub’s visual presentation, with Zambayoshi highlighting the game’s “super-smooth frame rate and realistic lighting and weather effects” and MrYd simply saying that “It does look incredibly good, especially since that big weather update.” However, it was TSBonyman who best summed up the game’s visual presentation, asking “Did i mention the visuals? I hardly need to because you won’t find better anywhere else.”

Tomhlord praised the game more generally, calling it “the best racing game out there” and picking out the handling model as being the centrepiece of the game’s success. He was really impressed by the way “cars feel connected, like they are actually touching the road”, and the way “Hot Hatches break traction progressively” while “Hyper Cars snap your neck and require patience.”

There were, however, a few dissenting voices. psychobudgie called it “A good driving game that could have been great,” feeling it was let down by “a monumental mess at launch, missing features and some very suspect AI.” They even compared it negatively to Sony’s other driving title, saying that “GT6 is a vastly superior game on older technology.”

Kennykazey wasn’t impressed either, finding the game’s AI “stupidly annoying” and stating that “the soundtrack is rubbish.” They were also frustrated by “the stupid animation of entering the car before a load-screen, which feels like unnecessary padding” and the fact that “the menus are filled with championships you haven’t bought yet.”

I think my favourite comment, however, came from colmshan1990, who seemed a bit confused about their initial feelings towards the game:

I’m really bad at driving games and detest being forced into co-op so I avoid that as much as possible.

I should not like this game.

But I love it. Great handling, stunning vibrant graphics, the weather is amazing to play in even if it can make the game even harder.

It is, of course, time to wrap things up with the community’s verdict. Despite those who weren’t all that impressed by the title, Avoid It didn’t receive a single vote, while Plus It only picked up one, although partly out of a belief that the Plus version will never arrive. Sale It fared better with eight votes, but it was Buy It that came out on top this week, earning thirteen picks.

As per usual you can vote in the poll for next week’s WeView title tomorrow. Assassin’s Creed: Unity picked up a whopping fifty votes in last week’s poll, so that’s what we’ll be exploring in tomorrow’s WeView.



  1. I pretty much agree with that result, I enjoyed it quite a bit, although I’m not great at driving games.. Haven’t played it for awhile, but I’ve no doubt I’ll return to it at some point.

    Definitely had my moneys worth anyway, especially as I was in it for the single player modes.

  2. My vote was “Buy it, and buy the season pass while you’re at it”, not just a simple “buy it”. Which would obviously break the system, so gets counted as just “buy it” instead. Fine. I’ll just have to point out that the season pass really is good value. With another 2 tours coming this week. (Although I’m worried that one sounds like it takes place entirely at night and thus is impossible)

    I’m going to have to vote “Moo!” for AC Unity tomorrow now.

    • Well your done a job and convinced me to purchase the season pass. I have been considering it for a while but now I’m buying it. I’ve also been considering getting rid of the disc and going digital too.

      Great result BTW. Especially after the bad publicity it had. A great fun racer.

      • I’m glad I got the digital version as I usually end up playing this either before, between or after any gaming session I have.
        The Season Pass is good value for money and it’s like a nice little treat to look forward to every month and a reason to get back on the game if you do decide to put it down for a week or two.

  3. Good result overall. I’m looking forward to this weeks Season Pass update.

    • Cars that do 242mph? The ominously named “Midnight” tour? Sounds like “looking forward” is the best plan. Otherwise, crashing shall occur. Probably somewhere around the first corner you encounter.

      • I’m with you on the Midnight Tour but as long as all the races aren’t also combined with heavy rain or snow, I should hopefully survive.

      • I had a visit from a young nephew last week. He wanted to have a go at Driveclub. He now thinks it’s better than anything he’s got on the XBone they’ve got.

        However, I insisted he try a race in Norway. In the middle of the night. With the weather set maximum snow. I let him pick the car though. You can probably imagine how it all ended. 10 seconds of “Cool! Snow!”. Followed by panic, the odd screams, some brief moments of relief as the lightning allowed him to see what might have been the road ahead, and what I’m taking as a promise never to play my games again ;)

      • Pretty much sounds like me on the final Elements event.

  4. “simply being online and not feeling as though the game is consistently broken makes a huge difference.”
    That would be nice, but I’m still suffering from server disconnections. It mainly happens in the evenings and weekends when the servers will have more load but it’s still a pain. Apart from that I’m loving the game.

  5. Interesting that Sony can’t promise a free version DriveClub is even going to happen.

    • As far as i know, Evolution are re-writing their server code from the ground up while current players are using a tweaked version of the original code. God only knows how long that will take and given the upset when the much anticipated plus version failed to materialise Sony will probably be shy about announcing anything until it’s in the can.
      It seems inevitable that they will give the full game with plus but i think most people who were genuinely interested in the game (exceptions excepted of course ;) ) will have satisfied their curiosity by now.

  6. “the stupid animation of entering the car before a load-screen, which feels like unnecessary padding”

    I just press X and it goes away.

    I was waiting for the Plus version, but managed to get it new from Amazon a few weeks ago for about £5 as I had some gift certificates, figuring I could sell it for a small profit if I didn’t like it. But I’m loving it.

    • Agreed – it’s an instantly-loading, instantly-skippable section which adds no delay to beginning an event.

  7. Gotta be a Buy it. Only now is it probably worth the original asking price but as it’s slipped to the £20 price bracket it’s a bit of a no brainer, forget the Plus pipe dream which was only ever going to be a demo to reel-em-in!

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