Sony Confirms Driveclub PS Plus Edition Is Still Coming

Yesterday saw various reports that Jim Ryan, SCEE’s President, wouldn’t guarantee the release of the PS Plus version of Driveclub in an interview with the Metro. It caused quite the discussion. Now Sony has seen fit to enter the conversation by confirming that Driveclub PS+ is still happening, contrary to yesterday’s reports.

“Although currently we do not have an update regarding the timing for the launch of the PS Plus Edition, we are continually working on improving the server capacity to enable us to launch the PS Plus Edition as quickly as possible.”

When we do eventually get the actual time for Driveclub’s PS Plus release we shall let you know.

Source: Gamespot



  1. 2020 release. Has to be.

  2. Does anyone actually care anymore? For a demo? I just bought the game in the end for under £20. Its just your average racing game.

  3. You all need to stop buying it, then they’ll release it.

  4. It’s delayed, it’s coming soon, don’t know what happened but currently trying to fix it, it’s delayed further again, yeah it’s definitely not happening, fooled ya it’s coming soon.
    I reckon it’ll be on April Fools Day but seriously just drop that nonsense as they haven’t a clue and the physical game is cheap now!

    *having a stressful day*

    • Also ask a friend as Share Play is technically a Demo – Sorted!

      • You can’t get trophies through share play. You can get 100% in the plus version.

  5. I wish they would just give us a rough estimate of when we can expect it, not knowing when is more frustrating than not having it!

  6. I’m just about sick of Driveclub, I own the game and it’s good but it seems every time someone farts in close vicinity to that game it makes the news. A guy, and im paraphrasing, “I don’t know” and a small but loud corner of the gaming community fly off the handle.

    Not ragging on TSA here, you know I love you guys.

    • It’s not really driveclub thats the the problem, it’s cheapshots by clickbait blogs like this. Easy money for them, they can churn out turds like this all day long and wait for the advertising click money to roll in.

      Why bother with proper journalism when the payback is the same?

      • Are you trying to insult TSA? Get out of here.
        This is one of the few sites which is not just after clicks, and obviously you’ve got no clue.

      • Andrewww, I take it you haven’t met blackarts before. He’s the resident TSATroll. Only joined earlier this month to take swipes at the site and its writers. Best ignored in all honesty.

  7. What do you think we’ll get first, Driveclub PS Plus or The Last Guardian?

    Sometimes I am so funny, I make myself laugh :D

  8. How is Driveclub compared to Gran Turismo?

    • Other than that they both feature cars I’d say they were quite different games.
      Driveclub is somewhere between need for speed and gran tourismo with regards to handling. However I much prefer the style driveclub has opted for with the way races are unlocked as I hated the feeling in gt going from being extremely underperformed and finishing last to being severly overpowered and cruising over the line in first.
      If you can get it cheap I’d give driveclub a go, anyone who’s remotely interested In this game shouldn’t bother waiting for the plus edition in my opinion.

    • Gran Turismo is 100% simulation requiring user intervention set up for success, whereas DriveClub is a simulation with all of the set up plumbed in (semi-arcade).
      Both great games worth owning.

  9. Ah, I didn’t comment on yesterdays article as Jim Ryan never said it wasn’t coming or couldn’t guarantee it, just that he didn’t know any dates or details so he ‘couldnt talk about it’.

    I will passively wait. But I don’t know if they’ll make it available to everyone at once, or a regional phase in. After all, the Plus version did happen in NA for a day or 2 before they plugged it.

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