FuturLab Team Up With Sierra To Bring Velocity 2X To Xbox One And PC

One of the jewels of the PlayStation empire is about to jump ship as FuturLab have entered in to a partnership with Sierra to bring Velocity 2X to Xbox One and PC.

“Self publishing is HARD,” explained James from FuturLab in a blog post. “I spent more time doing PR and marketing on Velocity 2X than I spent designing levels. I became a bottleneck for the whole project. That was far from ideal.”


“Given that marketing is vital to success, who could be better suited to hold aloft our creations than Sierra? The best bit is that we retain control of our IP,” he added.

Good news for Xbox One owners and good news for FuturLab then, but perhaps they saved the best news for last. “Working with Sierra is therefore an important step forward for FuturLab, and… our relationship doesn’t end with Velocity 2X,” teases James.

Well hello! What could that mean? Have FuturLab been let loose of the Sierra back catalogue? Will we see a reboot of Leisure Suit Larry? How about a sequel to the 1981 hit game, Softporn Adventure?


No? Not interested in that? Well other games in the Sierra back catalogue include Spyro, the SWAT franchise and a number of games starring someone called Crash Bandicoot.

Source: Futurlab



  1. Cool, it’s a smashing little game which deserves a wider audience, especially since they probably didn’t do as well as they might have after all the PS+ giveaways.

    • Yes, Softporn Adventure does indeed deserve a wider audience.

      No idea that had appeared on plus though! ;)

  2. Good on them. Are there self-publishing days on PlayStation over or is this deal just for other platforms?

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