Neverwinter, A F2P MMORPG, Launches On Xbox One Next Month

One the quieter days at TSA I open up my large file labelled “Whatever happened to” and have a dig round to see if I can find out where certain games are hiding. Gravity Rush 2 for example, where has that gone?

Neverwinter was another game that has been conspicuously absent from consoles, that was until a few months ago when the Xbox One was bestowed a closed beta. It has now been announced that the full game, and the Scourge Warlock and the Tyranny of Dragons expansion packs, will be landing on Xbox One on March 31st as a free-to-play title.


The PlayStation 4 version was also announced at the same time as the Xbox One game but has been quietly put to one side. It’s not been cancelled, just that the Xbox One version has taken priority due to unknown reasons, possibly ones involving Microsoft and a big fat cheque.

The game launched on PC during 2013 to mixed reviews, with the many reviewers disliking the pay-to-win shops within the game, but also praising the huge amount of content that is available for free.

Please note you will still need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to play Neverwinter.

Source: Arc Games



  1. Omg. A F2P MMORPG? Ftw!


  2. It was also a launch game when the xboxone released in China.

  3. Well it’ll be worth looking at anyway!

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