Face The Myth In Far Cry 4’s Valley Of The Yetis DLC, Launching March 11th

The Himalayas are home to more than just the world’s tallest mountain, as for generations people have spread stories of a type of creature that dwells in the snowy peaks. It goes by many names including Abominable Snowman and. more commonaly, Yeti. No one has been able to prove the existence of the creature but it looks like Ajay Ghale is going to get a face to face meeting with it, as Ubisoft has confirmed the Valley Of The Yetis DLC will be launching March 11th.


The valley itself is a new area within Kyrat, and has a new group of enemies to fight. These are cultists that seem to worship the Yeti, but nothing is usually that straight forward in Far Cry. If you have the Season Pass then you’ll get the expansion, otherwise you’ll have to pay for it though a price wasn’t revealed. This DLC will also support co-op with the second player being cast as Hurk.

Source: PS Blog