The Top Reason For Choosing PS4 Over Xbox One Is Resolution, According To Nielsen

When we post a story about a game running on a lower resolution on Xbox One than on PlayStation 4 some people question if it matters. Well it turns out it does, in fact games running at a higher resolution on PS4 is the top reason why Americans are choosing the console over Xbox One, according to Nielsen.



Interestingly, the second reason for purchasing a PS4 is the blu-rayer player, which the Xbox One also has but perhaps Microsoft have not got that message through to consumers. Xbox owners are a loyal bunch stating that the brand is top reason for buying the new console, along with exclusive games.

They survey also reports that 43% of Xbox One owners previously had a PlayStation 3, but 59% of PlayStation 4 owners previously owned an Xbox 360.

Source: Neilsen



  1. For me the Brand is the reason why I stick with the Playstation, coupled with having one since the PS1.

    Regarding he Xbone I just don’t personally like the controller or the dashboard, just feels clunky. That plus the fact the box is a gigantic black monolith with an ugly power supply with no right to be in my living room :)

  2. I have just got an xbox one to replace the media players in my living room. Its a great machine for that and shows the ps4 up no end in this regard. I still have my PS4 and would not have a need for a Xbone if they sorted out the abysmal media options on it.

    However, resolution is a daft reason for choosing a console. I recently played Ryse on the One, a game not even running 1080p, yet it it easily the best looking next gen game i have played so far.

    • Play The Order and get back to me on that one :)

      • The Border looks great but not being full screen is a mark against it.

      • The Order is pushing more pixels than Ryse at 900p…

      • I would mate but those freaking borders make it unplayable. Stupid idea. Cinematic effect – pfft.

      • I must admit, my eyes pretty much adjusted immediately. I forgot it had borders literally seconds after I started playing it.

      • Yeah you don’t even notice the black bars. Good design choice if you ask me.

      • The borders disappear within seconds of playing the game – anyone who played it would know. As would anyone who ever watched a letterbox movie.

  3. Games. It’s all about the games for me. PS4 FTW!

    • For me, fella, it’s that and something more intangible.

      I’ve never really felt like Microsoft had my best interests at heart. Fundamentally, there’s a feeling of them doing a good/great job but just not connecting with me as a gamer. Sony, for all its f***-ups, still feels like it wants to look after me in a more game-oriented fashion.

      I’m a loyal bugger when that happens.

      • Bloody hell, I couldn’t help but laugh my head off at this. Sony have done everything but look after me in a game orientated fashion where the Vita is concerned, and for all there screw ups I really don’t get sucked into the 4theplayers crap anymore. Not that MS is better, but to record they haven’t abandoned a console yet, and the hypocrisy doesn’t quite border onto Sony’s high level of thinking of itself as the dogs bollocks of the gaming industry and acting otherwise. The same goes for Nintendo as well.

      • Agreed about the Vita, I think. I’ve never wanted a hand-held console like the 3DS or PSP or Vita, etc.

        The Vita has had to play second fiddle all of its life and seems to be the butt of many broken promises, etc.

        Glad I could make you laugh. :-)

      • Laughing in a good way I might add. It was the ‘look after me’ bit that was the biggest irony, as I’ve felt quite the opposite what with paying hundreds of pounds out only to have loyalty thrown out the window by Sony.

      • I felt a little betrayed by Microsoft when they dropped the original Xbox stone cold as soon as the 360 was a thing. Seeing my friends with Playstation 2 continue to get new games and experiences.

        But the Vita didn’t even seem to reach it’s true potential before it was left for dead, so there’s that.

        I generally find Playstations people to be more likeable (Yoshida is the man), but Xbox is getting there with the new management. Neither has a thing on Nintendo though.

      • I wonder if the Vita has been “ruined” by the current indie & mobile gaming culture. Sony have certainly given up on it too soon.

        From my point of view the games are the most important thing about the console and Sony at least seem to put the games first (over TV services etc) – encouraging indie developers, ease of swapping games with friends, Share Play, and the PS+ free games – or these things were the case before the PS4 and XBO releases. I know MS has backtracked on some things.

        I guess I’ve enjoyed PlayStation since PSone and have no real reason to look elsewhere. Friends I’ve made and Trophies earned probably only make up a small part. I do prefer the appearance of Sony’s hardware and system software; but acknowledge MS seems to have a more stable network (possibly) and better and/or more regular system support.

  4. The main reasons for me choosing the PS4 over X1 are the brand and the exclusive games.

    • I have to agree with you on the exclusive games. They appeal to me more than the xbox ones do. Also the controller is what im used to for so many years

  5. PS4 is better value and has better hardware and in the long run, PlayStation always wins. Xbox exclusives are unappealing.

  6. Several reasons I bought a PS4 over XBOne.

    My understanding was/is that PS4 is a more powerful machine. I made the , possibly incorrect, assumtion that over the lifespan as devs exploit the hardware to its max this would be more noticable. I guess this includes resolution differences.

    I had a vita and ps3 already so having to spend money on Plus made more sense than paying for Live or Live and PsPlus.

    I thought the XBox was an ugly beast of a thing and the always on Kinnect thing didn’t appeal either.

    A bit of fanboy/brand loyalty.

  7. I bought xbox over PS4 for several reasons – more exclusives that I like, better online, better customer service/listening to users. And as Leeroye said, Ryse is the best looking game overall so far this gen so the power difference isn’t quite what it was made out to be.

    • “Ryse is the best looking game overall so far this gen” – I think that’s a matter of opinion. ;)

      I personally prefer The Order’s visuals – Black bars or no black bars, I still think it’s the better looking game.

      • Yep in my opinion of course. The order also has amazing character details etc, but the borders spoil it for me.

  8. I’ve got all consoles. I did choose Ps4 through band loyalty in all honesty. Up until this year I did really only play on my PlayStation’s, maybe to do with trophy competition on here. At the start of this year my gaming new year resolution I’ll pay my xbone a bit more. Now I can’t get off my Xbone. I do prefer PS exclusives but my real world friends are all pretty much on Xbox which factors in a lot when I’m going to play. Also I love just booting my Xbox up and playing a game within seconds. Then finally doing cheap games which really helps even when I’m not so poor. There my few thoughts on the consoles.

    • Is there a particular reason you cannot play a game on your PS4 within seconds of booting up?

      Might seem like a strange question, but I don’t really get that comparison if I am honest.

      • Or the Wii U with its Quick Boot functionality.

        But I suppose it’s because the Xbox’s instant-on feature is the quickest. It does drain a fair bit of power though.

      • KennyKazey is correct with the instant-on feature. I wish Sony would sort it out for Ps4 asap.

        As for my Wii U I like but don’t love it. The only games that I can play and enjoy are Mario games and they are great with couch co-op. I’ve got kids now games are not 3ds it’s tablet based games for them. When I do pick up the gamepad the batteries are dead so I have to wait for them to charge. Also third party not being that great. I really play GTA a fair bit and FIFA both online and those haven’t materialised on Wii U.

      • Personally, I think PS4 is fine as it is in terms of startup – Takes me a few seconds (<20?) to get to the xmb & then I am usually checking out friends, chats etc before starting a game anyway. It would be a matter of a couple more seconds after startup if I chose to dive straight into a game, so that’s why I didn’t really get the comparison.

  9. I own all three systems for the same reason; exclusive games. Mario, Zelda, Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo, Halo and Forza are among my favorite game-series and I can’t get them all on just one or even two systems.

    This is the first generation where I’ve had all of them though. Last gen I had a PS3 (I got a Wii at the very end of its cycle as well), before then I had an Xbox, before that an N64 and prior to that a PC.

    It may seem unnecessary, but some people save up for a gaming PC, I put that money into consoles with about six months between each.

  10. Interesting read this is, although I personally think it just comes down to personal preference. I was an Xbox gamer for a long time on the 360 but wasn’t happy about the online subscription so decided to try PS3 and after that never really looked back. I did however try the xbox one and really didn’t like it. PlayStation for me is much more value for money, I mean, yes we pay a yearly subscription now for plus but we also get free games and extra discounts on the PlayStation store. But like I said personal preference.

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