Community Chronicle: 01/03/15

I can never quite remember what the rules are for ‘pinch, punch, first of the month’. Is it on the 1st day of the month before midday? Is it only in the latter months of the year?

As reasons go for hitting each other, though, it’s right up there with spotting yellow cars.


In the news this week, a Nielsen study asked households with games consoles in the US the reasons they had for buying consoles. The divide was quite fascinating, with the generally better resolutions of the more powerful PS4 a key factor in putting the console into such a commanding sales lead. Xbox One owners cited brand loyalty and Wii U owners just like having fun while they play.

Some of the comments and replies were quite interesting, with leeroye, a recent Xbox One buyer, saying that “resolution is a daft reason for choosing a console. I recently played Ryse on the One, a game not even running 1080p, yet it is easily the best looking next gen game i have played so far.” With The Order:1886’s release, that was a hotly contested point.

Others cited their own brand loyalty to the PS brand – hardly surprising around these parts – but did feel let down by the current state of the PS Vita. Kennykazey, however, dug into his past to say, “I felt a little betrayed by Microsoft when they dropped the original Xbox stone cold as soon as the 360 was a thing. Seeing my friends with Playstation 2 continue to get new games and experiences.”

Finally, Eldaveo rightly focussed on the games:

For me it should always come down to the exclusives. While they may have been marketed differently and have slightly different specs/accessories, the PS4 and X1 are pretty similar and its only really their software library that separates them.

It’s that reason why I personally picked X1 over PS4 this gen as, while PS exclusives are usually stunning, they are typically “one and done” games for me with no replay value. Gears of War, Forza, etc on the other hand I can play for hundreds of hours.

As the poll suggests though, I think the Wii U actually has the edge over its competitors as its software is easily the most fun.

Speaking of exclusives, the saga of the PS+ edition of Driveclub rumbles on, with an interview with Jim Ryan leading to an element of confusion that had to be cleared up shortly afterwards. Rest assured that the PS+ version is still on its way, it’s just that they don’t know when that will be.

JustTaylorNow hopped in to say, “You should really buy the game. It’s cheap now but Sony are taking the piss, as a lot of people still won’t shell out money to buy the game cause they were promised a plus version.”

To which, Deadly Chipmunk replied, “For me I was treating the PS+ version as a fat demo. If I’m not sure about a game or want to get a feel for it then I’ll get the demo everytime ones available.” Before concluding that they’re more interested in Project CARS now anyway.

Of course, this whole circus surrounding the PS+ version has been a bit much, especially over such a length of time. BrendanCalls cried out, “I’m just about sick of Driveclub. I own the game and it’s good but it seems every time someone farts in close vicinity to that game it makes the news. A guy said, and I’m paraphrasing, ‘I don’t know’ and a small but loud corner of the gaming community flew off the handle.”

I’d be quite happy if everyone stopped asking about it and Evolution just released it without much fanfare, as well.

Finally, this week saw the eventual retail release of Dying Light – lest we forget another game with unexpected delays – but it came alongside another one of those over the top one off special editions. In this case, an inflated price of £250,000 gets you a zombie-proof cabin, parkour training and plenty of copies of the game to play with friends on an Xbox One.

“Can I get them to build it on Mayfair,” asked Tony Cawley, “then I can sell it for £27,000,000?” Sadly not, since you need to provide the place for the cabin to be built. This was a cunning, cunning idea, though.

But will it ever sell? Double-o-dave cheekily said, “£250,000 and you get a TV, Sound System and Xbox One as opposed to a PS4? That’ll never sell!” While Starman said, “Whoever buys it, can you use my reward card please, it would get me £6250 reward credit. Thanks.”


As you might expect, The Order: 1886 has been a well played game out there, with double-o-dave finishing it, Youles grabbing the platinum – alongside 100% completions for The Last of US on PS3 and The Walking Dead Season 2 on Vita – and so did Tony Cawley.

B_Cambo also joined The Order: 1886’s platinum club, which was his landmark 50th platinum. However he’s also kept on going, with Far Cry 4 (which was his 49th), Metro 2033 and Dust: An Elysian Tail platinum.

BadBoyBoogie returned to us this week and proceeded to steal a whole host of fastest platinum trophy records right out from under. One of these saw The Order: 1886 claimed, but it’s a list that’s too big to go into here.

Freezebug then quite amusingly hopped in to take two of BBB’s records back, as well as lodging a new one for Super Stardust Ultra on PS4. Oh, and he grabbed the Driveclub platinum too, lest he forget.

Elsewhere, The Lone Steven waxed lyrical about his completion of Far Cry 4, while tactical20 finished off Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris ahead of a two week break.

Finally, a little reminder on behalf of GTOWN. A lot of people in the comments seemed to have had a good bit of fun at last week’s big GTA V PS4 meet up. It might not have hit the heady heights of 30 players, but there were still plenty of shenanigans to be had and there’s a new meet set up for Tuesday night. Don’t forget to sign up if you’re interested!

We’re nearly done, but you can head over to page two for the return of the Fastest Platinum boards. To finish off this page, we have the usual submission form for photos and accomplishments.

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  1. ‘Pinch, punch first of the month’ was a popular superstition adage in the middle ages regarding suspected witchcraftery where the victim could reply with ‘a flick and a kick for being so quick’….these people seriously needed day one patching and locking up :P

    Whoop! 2 PS4 platinums….quite elusive compared to last gen, thanks for the mention ;)

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