[UPDATE] Sony Will Not Guarantee The PS+ Version Of Driveclub Will Happen

In a rather critical interview of Jim Ryan, head of PlayStation Europe, by the Metro newspaper a number of issues are raised including the recent spate of games that have been released in a broken state.

Jim seems to suggest Sony only QA the “Format holder overlay”, which – and I will stress this is conjecture – seems to be PlayStation specific parts of the game – does the rumble work in the correct place, that sort of thing.

“These games are now so big and complex that to test everything,” said Jim, “I’m saying the format holder overlay… if we were to test absolutely everything, it could take months.”

That would explain why Assassin’s Creed managed to pass Sony QA – they were not checking for people crawling up walls and texture pop, just that the game ‘worked’ on PlayStation. However, Jim does acknowledge that there are “conversations between publisher and platform holder that should remain private” about the QA of games.

That does not explain the Driveclub situation, a first party game using Sony servers, that should have worked from day one, all the QA was in house. Jim was asked if is there still going to be the free PlayStation Plus version.

“That’s still being looked at,” he replied, and when asked if he could guarantee that it will ever happen he answered “I can’t say anything at this stage”.

Driveclub was the topic of today’s WeView, why not have a read of that.

UPDATE: Evolution have tweeted that the PS+ version is “still on hold while server development continues.”

Source: Metro



  1. I’ve got to hand it to Metro, they don’t bullshit around in these interviews. I remember when they interviewed Jim Ryan at E3 and they really cut to the bone and revealed Sony’s attitude towards the Vita.

    • No, they obviously just send someone to be all aggressive and ask difficult questions. Who then just comes across as a massive tosser.

      • What are you going on about?. That was davis jenkins, ine of the best games journalists around. How does asking difficult questions make him a tosser?, last time i checked thats what journalists are supposed to do!, or would you prefer nobody ever ask anything difficult in which case we may aswell nit have interviews and just rely on pr departments

        Ps are you buddies with jim ryan?, if so thats pretty inpressive

      • To be honest, I found both to be true, in a way.

        You can see that Jim Ryan clearly enjoys the interviews (of which they’ve done many) and you can also see how the interviewer’s unrelenting attitude makes it far more personal than it needs to be. Also, he doesn’t seem to understand that market forces and data shows us that the majority of people are obviously either oblivious or incredibly forgiving over some of his major gripes with Sony (and the industry at large). Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see things rectified but there also needs to be a mature perspective with how the market clearly accepts certain practices as it doesn’t seem to harm them too much. Sad, though.

    • Must be getting a tasty brown envelope for that each month. I mean there was never any critical questions over the far more (and still) broken hali rehash on Xbox one.. I don’t recall metro savaging Microsoft for a 65% Xbox failure rate. I don’t remember metro asking Microsoft about their embarrassing endless about turns on Xbox one prelaunch..

      If you think this is anything other that Microsoft playing cash for questions, then you are an idiot that doesn’t understand how the world (sadly) “works”

      • Yay. We all like a good conspiracy theory.

        It’s all illuminati & cover-ups isn’t it.

      • Illiuminati? Really? I guess some people have never heard of the very real term ‘corporate espionage’.

      • It was an over-exaggerated statement to make a point about how ridiculous his claims were (& always are).

        I guess some people just don’t get sarcasm.

  2. Maybe the PS Plus version will never appear but they will end up giving the full game away to PS Plus subscribers later on down the line.

    • Are they that stupid? Can you imagine the reaction to doing something like that??

      • Well they definitely make some daft decisions, so yeah, I can totally see that happening.

        I’m pretty sure that by the time they get around to it though, the people who dropped cash on it will have more than got their moneys worth from it (& most likely have moved onto other things) & those that didn’t drop cash on it just get their monthly plus game.

        I have a feeling they will go that route too tbh.

  3. Q&A or QA? Those are two different thing… Q&A = Question and Answers, while QA = Quality Assurance. Someone hasn’t read the Metro article correctly!

    • That’s more than likely an autoformat thing, but well done for noticing!

      I’m sure TC will amend in due course.

  4. You should really buy the game, it’s cheap now but sony are taking the piss, a lot of people still won’t shell out money to buy the game cause they was promised a plus version.

    Don’t promises mean anything abymore

    • For me I was treating the PS+ version as a fat demo. If I’m not sure about a game or want to get a feel for it then I’ll get the demo everytime ones available.

      So now I’ll just wait for Project Cars as I know someone who’ll blindly get that so easy to try out. However the format already looks more interesting than DriveClub, for me :)

      • Ah fair enough, project cars doesn’t look appealing for me so will give it a miss. DriveClub main appeal was the name itself with friends we have a untouchable club

  5. Why don’t they just give away the full version instead but wait until January put everyone out of their misery.

  6. Future Sony announcements should all have an asterisk beside them.

    • *may not actually happen

      (this also applies to the chance of the asterisk NOT appearing) ;-)

      • Damn, thats almost more confusing than the whole time travelling dilemma.

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