NBA 2K14 Servers Will Be Shut Down March 31st

2K has announced that it will be discontinuing server support for NBA 2K14 on March 31st, which means players will not be able to play online ranked matches or take part in the online association mode from that date. Turning off the servers of a game 18 months after release isn’t new for the company, as the same thing was done for NBA 2K13.


When I reviewed NBA 2K14 I gave it a 6/10 because of how much reliance there was on the servers, including accessing single player saves. It’ll be interesting to see if those saves will also become inaccessible post server switch off. At least 2K15 addressed that issue correctly. I expect similar will happen to NBA 2K15 next year in an effort to encourage people to get 2K16.

Source: Twitter



  1. That is fast! I have it in my HDD at 0% trophies (-_-)

    • Scratch that it’s NBA 2K13 I have xD

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