Rock Band 4 Launching For PS4 And Xbox One This Year (Updated)

UPDATE: Looks like we misread things a bit, and while Harmonix are clearly eager to get your old instruments working, they haven’t confirmed a solution just yet, but are working very hard to make it happen.

The original article is below.

It’s time to get the band back together, as Rock Band 4 has been announced for PS4 and Xbox One. The game will release this year and supports existing peripherals, so delve into the darkest recesses of your attics and cupboards and get them all dusted off.

“With Rock Band 4, we’re doubling down on the energy and excitement of playing music live with your friends,” says Harmonix Chief Executive Officer Steve Janiak. “Focusing on the core experience that our fans have told us they love allows us to evolve established gameplay in meaningful ways that we can’t wait to share with everyone later this year.”

Rock Band 4 will support all of your existing tracks, too, which means there will be over 2000 songs available at launch. If you’ve purchased tracks on previous platforms, then you’ll be able to download them again at no additional charge.

Mad Catz are also working with Harmonix to bring a range of new peripherals to the market, including bundles which will feature a band in the box with guitar, drum kit, and microphone, and then one which will just include the guitar. Keep an eye out here for pre-order information.

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  1. I really hope dj hero comes back aswell. That game was great and the mixes and track selection were amazing

    • Loved DJ Hero. Came at a time where I was getting bored of Guitar Hero and wanted something fresh. DJ Hero certainly did the job nicely :)

    • Pretty sure Activision completely killed off the ‘Hero’ franchise. Dj or otherwise.

      Which is shame as I really enjoyed DJ Hero. Especially the second one.

  2. Problem for me is whether my existing peripherals are still working and/or have corroded battery compartments…..

    Also, I’m enjoying Rocksmith for the music game fix at the moment… hopefully the new Rockband game won’t be expensive

  3. From various things I’ve just been reading, it sounds like they want the old hardware to work with it, but it’s not 100% certain yet. And all the songs you might have bought will work, eventually, once they get around to updating them all. You won’t have to pay again, but you might have a long wait.

    Also the pro guitar thing won’t be there. And neither will keyboards. So we’ve gone from an exciting Rock Band 4 announcement to a somewhat dumbed-down game that might involve more hardware purchases.

    • I just went from super-excited to a little deflated. No keyboards? Where did you hear that?

  4. Wii U? :( Shame they are skipping Nintendo’s platform as I still have a couple of guitars in the loft.

    • Talking of under used peripheral hardware, anyone remember the Playstation 4 Camera?

      • Never heard of it. Much like this “PlayStation Move” people talk about sometimes, I assume its just an Urban Legend ;)

      • I remember ps camera, it scans my face to log me in everyday

  5. I don’t get what they’ve said about the old instruments. Apparently, they’re having trouble because the last gen and current gen machine use different wireless protocols. But my RB1 mic and drums are wired, the guitar comes with it’s own wireless dongle. Surely they should just be able to plug in and work?
    If this does work with the existing instruments, it’s a must buy for me. If I have to buy new ones, almost certainly not.

  6. Slightly annoying, I had both consoles last generation and got the 360 versions of rock band/guitar hero. No interest in Xbox One so far though. Wouldn’t want to have it on Xbox if I had one now either. Wish they could keep a record of your DLC purchases on your EA account. I would love to get this on PS4.

  7. Yeehaawww!!! My instruments have never been put away :o) Mega excited for this and for Amplitude too. Great stuff. Want, want, want.

  8. Instant buy if they include old DLC as they say! Peripheral backward compatibility would be perfect, too.

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