You’ll Soon Be Able To Rock Out As Sterling Archer In Rock Band 4

Sterling Archer might be best known as the super spy at the heart of the popular animated spy sitcom Archer, but he’s often taken a few different jobs, like a brief dalliance as a drug dealer, as PI, and even flipping burgers at a diner. One thing he hasn’t done, though, is be a rock star, and in the run up to the eighth season’s premiere in early April, he gets to do just that in the Rock Band 4 March Update out tomorrow…

Yeah, we have no idea why, either.


While Harmonix experimented with a few different looks, they stuck with his cel shaded visuals from the cartoon, trying to pull that off in the Rock Band 4 game engine with a custom cel shader now built into the game.

In addition to this, there’s new outfits to pick up in the Rock Shop and Mass Effect’s Normandy makes an appearance as a bass guitar, because of course it does.

Source: US PS Blog

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