See What A Seedy Underbelly Looks Like In New LA Cops Trailer

Grab your badge, gun, coffee, and doughnuts and get ready for a ride through Los Angeles in the shoes of a couple of cool cops in LA Cops, a new game coming to Xbox One this week. It actually started on Steam last year via their early access program, but it’ll be making its console debut on XBO this week, with a PS4 version planned for later.

The gameplay looks a lot like what we’ve seen in the Hotline Miami franchise, but the fact that there are two characters instead of just one, and the option to arrest people instead of just blowing them away with firepower is bound to add a little something different to LA Cops.


So will it be worth the scratch? Well, we might just have our version of that answer available later today, so keep an eye out if you’re keen to know more.

Source: YouTube


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  1. Jo Murphy sounds suspiciously like Leela.

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