LA Cops Busting On To PS4 April 22nd In Europe

Team17 has announced that it is bringing LA Cops to PS4 on April 22nd in Europe. The game is a top down shooter involving cops from the 1970’s in LA. In the game you can choose from six different officers to pair up, and tackle crime across a total of thirteen levels. LA Cops released earlier this year on PC and Xbox One, with Tef giving it a 6/10 in his review.


The game has received a mixed reception though Team17 has stated it has worked with Modern Dream to tackle some of the issues that received negative feedback for the latest version of the game. There’s no indication as to whether LA Cops will reach other platforms after the PS4 release. The price is set at 10.99/€13.99.

Source: PS Blog 


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  1. For anyone interested, gameplay in the above video starts at 33 seconds in and becomes tiresome by the 45 second mark.

    I like to categorize all PS4 games and this one I’ve tagged #PS4GamesWhichLookLikePS3Games.

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